Binance Marlin Quiz Answers | 72 POND Staking Rewards

Binance Marlin Quiz Answer

Binance marlin POND quiz answer: Welcome to the new round of Binance learn and learn. In this event, you will have the opportunity to test your knowledge about marlin protocol and rewards.

Learn about the marlin protocol and get 72 POND worth approximately one dollar. You can refer to the POND Binance quiz answers from this post after the quiz starts.

You can begin to read the articles and watch the videos anytime from now and complete the quiz when it is available till POND token supplies last.

Rewards are already fixed and will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis and they can claim the reward only after completing the quiz.

How To Take The Binance Quiz?

  • Open binance app.
  • Go to learn and earn page from services section.
  • Scroll down and take the marlin quiz.
  • Click on start quiz and complete it by giving correct answers.
  • Earn 72.8 POND total staking rewards.
  • Enjoy 10% APR.

Binance Marlin POND Quiz Answer

1. Marlin can be used as a coprocessor using two sub- protocols, namely.

Answer: Oyster and Kalypso

2. What does Oyster use to ensure the correctness of computations?

Answer: Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs)

3. Applications deployed on which chain can use Marlin?

Answer: All of the options

4. What is Marlin?

Answer: Verifiable computing protocol

5. What kind of applications are suitable for deployment on Marlin?

Answer: All of the options

6. Which programming languages does Marlin support?

Answer: All of the options

7. What is Kalypso?

Answer: A ZK-proof marketplace

8. What is the utility of Oyster?

Answer: Delegating complex computations

9. Which token does the Marlin ecosystem rely on to derive its security guarantees?

Answer: POND

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