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Binance Crypto WODL Answers

Binance Crypto WODL Answers Today 27th March 2023: It has recently launched a new game named ‘Crypto WODL Game’. It is a fun game that requires guessing crypto and blockchain-related words.

The theme of this week’s WODL is Fan Tokens. So you need to find all the words that are basically related to the theme. Users who get at least 5 wins during this week are eligible to win rewards.

Every day you will be given one chance to find the correct crypto WODL word. A second chance to play WODL can be earned by sharing any Binance news on social media platforms.

At the end of the activity, all the eligible users will equally share $5000 in BUSD token vouchers. Rewards will be distributed after the end of the activity period.

The activity period for the crypto WODL is from 27th March to 2nd April 2023, 23:59 (UTC). So play the game, have fun, and earn free crypto rewards.

How To Play Binance Crypto WODL Game?

1. New users of the Binance exchange can register from the signup link given below.

2. Open the Binance app and tap on the ‘more’ icon, see the image for reference.

4. Scroll down below and search for the ‘WODL’ icon and tap on it to play the game.

5. To qualify for the game, you need to find all correct crypto and blockchain-related words.

6. You can play up to two WODL daily, a new WODL game arrives every 14 hours.

7. To get a 2nd chance you need to share the Binance news of the day on social media.

8. You will get the extra chance only when your shared link is clicked.

9. Qualified users with 5 wins/correct answers will get free crypto rewards.

10. BUSD rewards will be distributed within four weeks after the activity ends.

11. Check your rewards via Binance account > reward center.

Today's Binance Crypto WODL Answers

Binance WODL

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3 Letter WODL Words

  • FAN
  • NFT
  • DEX

4 Letter WODL Words

  • LUNC
  • TEAM
  • CLUB

5 Letter WODL Words


6 Letter WODL Words


7 Letter WODL Words


8 Letter WODL Words


Other Learn & Earn Crypto Quiz Answers

What is Binance crypto WODL:

It is a mini-game that allows users to guess words to understand the latest market developments while earning crypto rewards. The theme of this week is Fan Tokens. Participate in this week’s WODL and win rewards.

New user welcome bonus:

New users who register for a Binance account using the referral code or the referral link during the campaign period will be qualified to receive 10% off their spot trading fees and a 500 BUSD flexible trial fund voucher within 24 hours after successful KYC.

How to win the wodl game:

Play up to 2 wodl games daily and get a total of five correct answers during the activity period and become eligible to win crypto tokens for free.

WODL rewards distribution:

Token voucher rewards will be distributed within one week after the activity ends. You will be able to log in and check your rewards via Binance account > rewards center.

Please note that for this week’s Binance WODT theme ‘Fan Tokens’ there are no crypto rewards.