Binance Hashflow (HFT) Quiz Answers

Binance Hashflow Quiz Answers

Binance Hashflow quiz answers: This is a new learn and earn quiz in Binance academy course. On successfully completing the quiz you can earn 2 HFT tokens.

HFT tokens will be in a locked state for 150 days and this reward is available only to those users who never subscribed to Binance simple earn earlier.

Binance simple earn will return digital assets or digital currencies to users’ spot wallets at the end of the agreed subscription period.

Rewards2 HFT token
Staking period150 days, get 10% APR
LinkBinance Hashflow quiz
Quiz available fromJanuary 30, 2023

What is Hashflow (HFT)?

Hashflow is a new way of trading digital assets like cryptocurrencies securely and quickly, with zero slippage and no middleman involved such as a broker.

It also helps protect you from a malicious activity called MEV. This means that you can be sure that your trades will be safe and secure.

Since Hashflow is a decentralized exchange users can trade digital assets directly with each other without relying on third parties with more security and privacy than centralized exchanges.

Just connect your wallet to Hashflow and it will show you a list of assets for trading. You can buy or sell it at the displayed price without any extra fees or commissions.

HFT is the token that powers the Hashflow protocol and it is used to access the Hashverse, which is a gamified governance platform of Hashflow.

Binance Hashflow Quiz Answers

Q1. Which exchange was the first to list the Hashflow token (HFT)?

Answer: Binance

Q2. How much does Hashflow charge in fees?

Answer: 0%

Q3. What makes Hashflow different from other DEXs?

Answer: Hashflow uses the RFQ model for market making.

Q4. What is HFT’s utility?

Answer: Governance and in-DAO Health & Rewards.

Q5. What is unique about trading on Hashflow?

Answer: All are correct

Q6. How does one start trading on Hashflow?

Answer: Connect your wallet.

Q7. What is The Hashverse?

Answer: Hashflow’s story-driven and gamified governance DAO.

Q8. What is Hashflow’s total volume?

Answer: $11 billion