Binance Affiliate Program Learn & Earn Quiz Answers

Binance Affiliate Program Quiz Answers

Test your knowledge on Binance referral program and get a chance to win a share of 1000 USDT prize vouchers. The event is open to all Binance KYC-verified users.

To qualify for this giveaway event, you must complete all the social media tasks and submit the correct quiz answers. Binance will reward 10 USDT to each of the 100 random winners.

Even though I have given the Binance affiliate program quiz answers later in the post, still you can read in detail about it on the Binance website.

Also, if you have not completed Binance academy quiz courses then you are a little bit away from getting a free NFT certificate.

Participate In The Quiz & Win 10 USDT

To participate you must have an account on Binance, if you do not have then create one first.

1. To take the Binance affiliate program quiz – Click here.

2. Follow all the Binance social media handles as mentioned in the quiz form.

3. Retweet/share posts made on the #BinanceAffiliate2023 series this week on Twitter or Facebook.

Quiz source – Binance Africa Twitter

4. Submit the correct answers, your Twitter/Facebook username, and Binance UID.

5. Affiliate program quiz answers are given below.

6. Binance will select 100 random winners amongst all the qualified participants.

7. Each winners will be rewarded with 10 USDT, total prize pool 1000 USDT.

Binance Affiliate Program Quiz Answers

Please note the below-given answers are for your reference purposes only, recheck and then submit.

Question 1 – Which of the following is incorrect about Binance Affiliate Program?

Answer: None of the above

Question 2 – Which of these is not a benefit of being a Binance Affiliate?

Answer: Exclusive access to Binance launchpads

Question 3 – The default spot referral commission is 20% on each trade your friends make.

Answer: True

Question 4 – How can you find your referral ID on the Binance app?

Answer: Login > [Profile] > [Referral] > [Referral ID]