Coinbase Bitcoin Quiz Answer: Earn $1 Worth BTC

Coinbase Bitcoin Quiz Answer

Want to earn free bitcoin, coinbase is giving free one dollar worth BTC on completing the quiz. You can refer to the coinbase bitcoin quiz answer that are given below.

The quiz consists of short video tutorials and after that, you need to go through the quiz questions based on bitcoin. Those who answer at least four questions correctly can be rewarded with $1 BTC.

Rewards are available only for some countries, so check whether you are eligible or not. Also the bitcoin quiz may be available for a limited time.

There can never be more than 21 million BTC. 100,000,000 satoshis are equal to 1 BTC. You can trade BTC and use it to directly pay merchants who accept it.

The reward for BTC mining is halved roughly every four hours, and the next time it is expected to happen is around April 2024.

 In 2010 the first recorded BTC purchase was made when two pizzas were paid for with 10,000 BTC. Also get a chance to earn 10 USDT and NFT certificate for free from Binance academy quiz answers. 

Test Your BTC Knowledge To Earn $1 BTC

1. Signup or login to your coinbase account.

2. Go to learn earn reward page, you will see the latest bitcoin quiz.

3. Test your knowledge on BTC quiz.

4. Answer at least four questions correctly to win $1 BTC.

5. Claim your reward.

Bitcoin Coinbase Quiz Answers

Q1. What makes BTC scarce?

Answer: A limit to how many can be created

Q2. What can you do with BTC?

Answer: All of the above

Q3. When is the next halving event for BTC mining expected to happen?

Answer: April 2024

Q4. How many Satoshis add up to 1 BTC?

Answer: 100,000,000

Q5. When was the first recorded purchase made with BTC?

Answer: 2010