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Bajaj Finserv Quiz Alert Answers: Play & Win Free Bajaj Coins

Bajaj Finserv Quiz Alert Answers

Bajaj Finserv quiz alert answers: Bajaj has recently launched exciting games that not only provide great entertainment but also offer you the opportunity to earn Bajaj coins for free.

These games are not only enjoyable but also straightforward to play. Here’s a list of some of the games you can enjoy like alert quiz, wordle n win, find n win, nod n win and assemble n win. 

Some of the quiz answers I have updated below that can help you to complete quiz easily and earn Bajaj coins.

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How To Play Bajaj Finserv Quiz Games?

1. Hit the below button and download the Bajaj Finserv app first.

2. Sign up using your phone number and then verify it with OTP.

3. Scroll the home section page and search for games banner, follow below image.

4. There are many ‘play and win’ games in this app like.

  • Quiz alert
  • Wordle n win
  • Assemble n win
  • Find n win
  • Nod n win

5. Play all and you can win free Bajaj coins.

6. Bajaj coins can be converted to cashback from the rewards section.

7. Quiz alert answers and find n win answers are given below.

Game Rules

  • The game consists of a maximum of 5 questions.

  • Users must respond to each question within the allotted time.

  • To qualify for rewards the game must be fully completed successfully.

  • Users can receive Bajaj coins in the form of rewards.
  • Bajaj coins can be converted to cashback.
  • Play daily and win coins daily.

Bajaj Finserv Quiz Alert Answers

1. What all can you do with Bajaj Finserv app?

Answer – All of the above

2. Which products can be purchased on EMI with Bajaj Finserv EMI card?

Answer – All of the above

3. Which financial products can be easily availed through Bajaj Finserv app?

Answer – All of the above

4. You can get which of the below through games?

Answer – All of the above

5. How can a customer link an EMI card on the app?

Answer – By entering Date of Birth

Find N Win Answers

1. Something that is red, in your kitchen and needed to cook food.

Answer: Gas cylinder – 90° right side.

2. You scan this to make a payment.

Answer: QR Code – on table in front of sofa, also in front of TV.

3. It lights up your room.

Answer: Standing lamp – left side of TV.

4. It fits in your pocket and gets your vehicle running.

Answer: Keys – left side hanging on the wall cupboard, key holder.

5. You can call your loved ones using this.

Answer: Mobile – behind on table side of bed.