Binance Fan Token Trivia Quiz Answers | Lunar New Year Special

Binance Fan Token Trivia Quiz Answers

Binance has launched new activities and promotions to celebrate this lunar new year. Every user can participate in these festivities from 16th January to 8th February 2023.

There is more to win from these events including cashback vouchers and crypto prizes and $130,000 USD worth of rewards are to be shared during this event.

Some of the activities are Binance’s learn and earn, lunar new year challenge, fan token trivia quiz, trading event, and many more!

In this post, I have explained the fan token trivia quiz and discussed the answers. The event questions and rules are also posted on Binance’s  Instagram and Twitter page.

Users who answer all questions correctly can receive a share of the 1,688 USDT prize pool. Also, one who makes the highest referrals can receive 6x rewards.

The rewards will be distributed as gift card rewards in one of the following Binance fan tokens: Lazio, Santos, Porto, and Alpine.

About Binance Fan Tokens

Fan tokens are basically utility tokens. They are mainly linked to sports clubs, brands, and celebrities. It give token holders special fan privileges and rights. 

Binance fan tokens are different from NFTs, non fungile tokens. Fan token is actually a fungible utility token ad it can be interchanged with any fan token of the same kind. 

Token holders can use them to collect or exchange club-related NFTs. Fan token holders enjoy exclusive fan rights and rewards like Mystery Boxes and NFTs, voting rights, fan badges.

One can get them by joining Binance fan token launchpad, buy pre-existing fan tokens using crypto assets or cash or purchasing via other users.

Participate, Win & Share $1688 in Gift Cards

1. If you are a new user then first create a new account on Binance.

2. Complete your KYC verification instantly after creating your account.

3. Now open the trivia quiz link and select all the correct quiz answers.

4. Enter your Binance UID, your referred friends’ UID (optional), and your email address and submit it.

5. Eligible users will receive a share $1,688 worth gift cards.

6. You can participate in the quiz till 22nd January 2023.

Trivia Quiz & Referral Rewards

  • Users who answer correctly will qualify to equally share $1,688 worth gift cards in Lazio, Alpine, Porto, and Santos.
  • The top 50 users who make the highest number of referrals will receive six times the original gift card reward value as their final reward for this activity.
  • New referrals must complete account registration and identity verification during the activity period to count as successful referrals.
  • Rewards will be distributed to eligible winners within 30 days after the activity ends.

Binance Fan Token Trivia Quiz Answers

Do your research, recheck the answers, and submit the quiz. Below given answers are for reference purposes only.

Q1. Is Binance Fan Token NFT?

Answer: No

Q2. What type of tokens are Binance Fan Tokens?

Answer: Fungible Utility Token

Q3. What can you do with Binance Fan Tokens?

Answer: All above

Q4. Which Binance Fan Token was launched in 2022?


Q5. Which of the below is not an existing utility for Binance Fan Token at the moment?

Answer: Play to Earn

Q6. Which of the following is not a correct way to purchase Binance Fan Tokens?

Answer: On Social Media

Q7. Which team is the first to launch NFT Ticketing with Binance Fan Token?

Answer: LAZIO

Q8. How many Binance Fan Tokens do you need to participate in a voting poll?

Answer: Any amount of Fan Tokens