A Beginner's Guide To Binance Fan Token Quiz Answers

Binance Fan Token Quiz Answers

A beginner’s guide to Binance Fan Token quiz answers: This is a new quiz in the Binance Academy learn and earn courses. The quiz is based on fan tokens.

This new Binance learn and earn quiz will cover 4 different fan tokens that are Alpine F1 team fan token, Santos FC fan token, FC Porto fan token and SS Lazio fan token.

Only new users who registers and create a fresh account on Binance will be eligible to win fan tokens worth approx 5 dollars in a locked state for 150 days.

About Binance Fan Tokens

Fan tokens are basically utility tokens. They are mainly linked to sports clubs, brands, and celebrities. It give token holders special fan privileges and rights. 

Binance Fan tokens are different from NFTs, non fungile tokens. Fan token is actually a fungible utility token ad it can be interchanged with any fan token of the same kind. 

Token holders can use them to collect or exchange club-related NFTs. Fan token holders enjoy exclusive fan rights and rewards like Mystery Boxes and NFTs, Voting rights, fan badges.

One can get them by joining Binance fan token launchpad, buy pre-existing fan tokens using crypto assets or cash or purchasing via other users.

Earn Binance Fan Tokens From Quiz

1. Create a new account on Binance.

2. Complete your KYC verification after creating account.

3. Go to quiz page and you will get ‘beginner’s guide to Binance fan token quiz’.

4. Take the quiz on November 23 at 09:00 UTC.

5. Eligible users  will get assured fan tokens after completing the quiz.

Binance Fan Token Quiz Answers

Quiz will start from 09:00 UTC on 23rd November 2022.

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Binance Alpine Quiz Answers

Q1. What year did BWT Alpine F1® Team enter Formula One™?

Answer: 2021

Q2. Which was the first race of which the Alpine F1® Team make their debut?

Answer: Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix 2021

Q3. Which of the following Alpine Experiences takes place at an altitude of 2200 metres?

Answer: Alpine Ice Driving Experience

Q4. Which of the following drives for Alpine esports team?

Answer: Nicolas Longuet

Q5. Where is BWT Alpine F1® Team’s chasis built?

Answer: Enstone, United Kingdom

Q6. Who is the current CEO of the BWT Alpine F1® Team?

Answer: Laurent Rossi

Q7. How many races did current BWT Alpine F1® Team reserve driver Oscar Piastri win on his way to winning the 2021 Fia Formula 2 Championship?

Answer: 6

Q8. During which Grand Prix did BWT Alpine F1® Team claim its maiden win?

Answer: Formula 1 Rolex Magyar Nagydij 2021

Q9. How many gears does the Alpine A522 have?

Answer: 7

Q10. How can you get ALPINE F1® Team Fan Tokens before listing?

Answer: Launchpad

Q11. What did the listing date of the ALPINE F1® Team Fan Token coincide with?

Answer: BWT Alpine F1® Team’s first race of the year

Q12. What is the initial circulating supply of ALPINE when launched on Binance?

Answer: 11,360,000

Q13. What token do you need in order to participate in the Alpine F1® Team Fan Token Launchpad?

Answer: BNB

Q14. Which of the following is NOT true?

Answer: ALPINE F1® Team Fan Token holders with 1,000 ALPINE will be able to get the animated ALPINE NFTs.

Q15. Which of the following ways can fans get ALPINE F1® Team Fan Tokens?

Answer: Participate in the Binance Launchpad and Binance P2P & Spot Market, Gift Cards

Q16. Which driver was featured in the Binance x BWT Alpine F1® Team launch video on the Fan Token page?

Answer: Esteban Ocon

Q17. Which of the following is not an Alpine car?

Answer: Alpine A GT

Q18. How much ALPINE in total is the Binance Fan Token planning to airdrop to its community to celebrate their partnership?

Answer: 100

Q19. How many limited edition NFTs is BWT Alpine F1® Team releasing for the first collection?

Answer: 15,000

Q20. When was the ALPINE F1® Team Fan Token listed on Binance Fan Token Platform?

Answer: 21 February 2021