Binance Auto Invest Quiz Answers: Get Free SEI Daily Plan

Binance Auto Invest Quiz Answer

Binance Auto-Invest quiz answers: Participate in the Binance Auto Invest learn and earn quiz and stand a chance to receive a free SEI daily plan for 20 days.

Recently announced that Binance is giving away SEI daily plan that is worth 2 USDT to the first 30,000 auto-invest who complete confirm their participation and complete the quiz.

It is an investment program that allows investors to invest in any coin and they can receive daily earnings from simple earn. You can create your own Auto-Investment plan on Binance.

To participate in this campaign, you must have an account on Binance. If you do not have then create one from the below-given registration link and must complete your KYC verification.

In this post, you can find Binance Auto Invest SEI quiz answers. Eligible users will each receive an Auto-Invest daily plan that is worth 2 USDT also users who subscribe to auto invest can get up to 2000 BTC in token vouchers.

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How To Take The Binance Auto Invest Quiz?

1. Tap on the link given below and signup or login to your Binance account.

2. Click on the join promotion button given at the top of the activity page.

3. Open the quiz and read through the available resources on DCA, Auto-Invest, and SEI.

4. Now take the quiz and correctly answer all the questions, and submit them.

5. Qualified users will receive their Auto-Invest SEI daily plan after the promotion ends.

6. The first 30,000 Auto-Invest users will be eligible to each receive a free SEI daily plan for 20 days.

7. Also users who subscribe to Auto-Invest can also get up to 2000 BTC rewards.

Activity period: 9th November, 10:00 to 8th December 2023, 23:59 (UTC).

Binance Auto Invest Quiz Answers

Question 1. Auto-Invest enables users to buy crypto on a recurring basis with stablecoins. What investment strategy is applied?

Answer: Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA)

Question 2. Which statement best describes SEI?

Answer: The fastest Layer 1 blockchain, designed to scale with the industry

Question 3. Where can users transfer assets to SEI blockchain?

Answer: Above are all correct

More Details

  • Users must complete account verification and click the ‘join promotion’ on the activity page to successfully participate.
  • Users need to answer all the questions in the quiz correctly to qualify for rewards.
  • Users may attempt the quiz multiple times until they correctly answer all the questions.
  • Rewards are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • First 30,000 eligible participants will each receive an Auto-Invest SEI daily plan, which will last for a minimum of 20 days.
  • Also users who subscribe to auto-invest after completing the quiz will be eligible to win up to 2000 BTC.