Binance Gift Card Learn And Earn Quiz Answers

Binance Gift Card Learn And Earn

A new learn and earn event is posted on the Binance Africa Twitter page. The rewards prize pool to be shared in this event is $1000 BUSD.

To participate, simply answer all the questions correctly and stand a chance to be among the 100 lucky winners! Each can win a $10 BUSD voucher. 

You can refer to the Binance gift card quiz answers that are given below but also do your own research to learn more about Binance gift card.

Participate In The Quiz And Win $10 BUSD

1. First open the learn and earn quiz form from the below link.

2. Complete all the social media tasks as mentioned in the form.

3. Join and follow their Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram channels.

4. All the links are given in the quiz form.

5. Retweet and follow @BinanceAfrica and tag 3 friends to join the fun with #GiftCard4Me

6. Submit the answers, your Twitter/Facebook username, and Binance UID.

7. 100 random winners will equally share $1000 BUSD, $10 each.

Binance Gift Card Quiz Answers

Question 1. With Binance Gift Card, you can:

Answer: All are correct

Question 2. Can Non-Binance users claim their Gift cards without signing up for an account?

Answer: False

Question 3. Physical Binance Gift Cards support over:

Answer: 270+ cryptocurrencies

Question 4. Which of these statements is NOT true about Physical Binance gift cards?

Answer: Recipients can redeem Physical Binance gift cards without extra fees

A Beginner's Guide To Binance Gift Card Quiz

Binance Gift Card

The quiz is available only to new users of Binance who never send, receive, or redeem gift cards. Every month 200 winners can win a 5 BUSD gift card reward till the activity ends.

To become eligible, users need to complete the quiz with at least 5 to 7 correct answers and send their first Binance gift card. Rewards are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Quiz link: Click here

Do your own research and recheck the answers before submitting, the below-given answers are for reference purpose only.

1. What is a Binance gift card?

Answer: A gift card lets you send and receive cryptocurrency in a fast, simple, and customizable way with zero fees to both Binance and non-Binance users.

2. With Binance gift card, you can:

Answer: All are correct

3. Cashback gift cards provide the user cashback in:

Answer: Gift Cards

4. Sending crypto with a gift card requires:

Answer: Funds in your spot/funding wallet for payment

5. Physical Binance gift cards support over:

Answer: 270+ cryptocurrencies

6. A Stablecoin-Denomination gift card allows you to:

Answer: Gift cryptocurrencies in an amount fixed to the value of another asset

7. The Binancegift card marketplace is a place to:

Answer: All are correct