Binance HIGH Quiz Answers

Binance Highstreet Quiz Answers

Binance HIGH Quiz Answers: Earn $HIGH tokens from the Binance learn and earn HIGH quiz. Eligible users will receive a predetermined amount of $HIGH tokens.

I hope you have also earned from the previous Binance BurgerCities Quiz and Benqi Quiz. Binance occasionally gives the opportunity to its users to earn some free cryptos while learning them.

Quiz answers are given below you can take the quiz. Users who have an account on Binance and it’s not KYC verified then they must do it before the quiz activity ends.

Binance Learn And Earn HIGH Quiz

Binance learn and earn HIGH quiz
The quiz is about HIGH token
Winners will get assured 0.66 HIGH tokens
Rewards are limited to a first come, first served basis!

Binance HIGH Quiz Answers

Q1) What are the feature(s) of Highstreet Homes?

Answer: All are correct

Q2) What is HIGH token’s maximum supply?

Answer: 100 million

Q3) Which region will the next Highstreet’s IHO be based on?

Answer: Animoca Archipelago

Q4) Which centralized exchanges can $HIGH tokens be purchased from?

Answer: Binance, Coinbase,

Q5) Highstreet’s Phygital items can only be purchased online.

Answer: False

Q6) Which platform can the current stage of Highstreet be played on?

Answer: PC & VR

Q7) Which area does Highstreet stand out from other Metaverses?

Answer: All are correct

Q8) Who’s able to purchase lands and become a land owner from Highstreet?

Answer: Brands

Q9) Which ecosystem(s) is HIGH token on?

Answer: Ethereum & BSC

Q10) Highstreet’s apparel collection with 8-bit is available for purchase from real-life department stores. True or false?

Answer: True