Binance Twitter 10M Pop Quiz: How Well Do You Know Binance?

Twitter 10M Pop Quiz Answers

Binance has recently hit 10 million followers on Twitter and to celebrate this moment it has launched a quiz campaign named How well do you know Binance? A pop quiz.

Participants who submit correct Binance Twitter 10M pop quiz answers can stand a chance to win SATS. Winners can win 10 million Satoshis (0.1 BTC).

To qualify for the giveaway event, you need to retweet, follow Binance and submit the Binance 10M quiz answers. For more details, you can visit Binance’s official Twitter handle.

Meanwhile, it is also running some events like collect Binance 10 million badges to share 10 million Satoshis and other events. You can participate in that too.

Twitter 10M Pop Quiz

Event name: Binance Twitter 10M pop quiz

Questions based on: How well do you know Binance?

Rewards: 10 Million SATOSHIS = (0.10 BTC)

Date: 2th December to 26th December 2022

Winners: Five

How To Participate In Binance 10M Quiz?

  • Tap on the link given below to participate in the giveaway event.
  • The quiz consists of 10 questions, select the correct options.
  • Upload your Binance-themed photo or video. 
  • Paste in your Twitter handle URL.
  • Submit the form. Done!
  • Winners can win 10 million (SATS) Satoshis.

Binance Twitter 10M Pop Quiz Answers

1. Which month and year did we create our Twitter account?

Answer: July 2017

2. What color is the Binance Card?

Answer: Black, Silver

3. Which social media platforms are we on?

Answer: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Reddit, Youtube only

4. What are the official Binance colors?

Answer: Black and yellow

5. True or False. Can you buy Binance merch? 

Answer: Yes you can

6. Which of the following are merch items we have? Select all that apply.

Answer: Select all options

7. How old is Binance?

Answer: 5 years old

8. What do we call our Binance community?

Answer: Binancians

9. Which building did we recently light up?

Answer: Burj Khalifa

10. How many registered users do we have?

Answer: Not Sure …