What Is Kyber Network? | Binance KNC Quiz Answer

Binance Kyber Network Quiz Answers

What Is Kyber Network? All answers are given below. Follow the below given steps to take the quiz and earn free KNC coins.

1) First of all visit the below-given link and login to your Binance account.

2) Proceed to the Binance academy quiz page from the Binance app dashboard.

3) Take the quiz after it goes live and earn assured Kyber token rewards.

4) KNC crypto rewards will be credited as a voucher within 24 to 48 hours.

Binance Learn And Earn KNC Quiz Answers

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1. What is KyberSwap?

Answer: All are correct

2. What is KyberDAO?

Answer: Kyber Network’s community governance platform

3. Users can use KyberSwap’s Discover feature to discover potentially trending tokens

Answer: True

4. The Amplification (AMP) factor is used to____

Answer: Mimic higher levels of liquidity

5. Which blockchain is KyberSwap based on?

Answer: Ethereum

6. Users can earn KNC by

Answer: All are correct

7. KyberSwap uses ___ a Market Maker protocol?

Answer: Dynamic

8. What is Kyber Network’s native token?

Answer: KNC