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POSI Learn To Earn Weekly Quiz: Win $6 POSI Tokens

POSI Learn To Earn Quiz Answers

POSI learn to earn quiz answers – Participate in the Position exchange learn and earn weekly quiz and win 40 $POSI tokens. Don’t miss this crypto airdrop! It’s just a 2-minute task.

Position exchange is a cryptocurrency trading platform where you can buy any cryptocurrency quickly and easily. Every week Position exchange holds a play-to-earn activity.

Play-to-earn activity mainly covers random topics of blockchain. There will be 1 topic per week for participants to discuss and answer the quiz at the end of that week.

Participants who take the quiz consecutively get bonus rewards in the form of tokens. For week 7 quiz, 500 lucky winners with correct answers will get 40 $POSI.

POSI week 7 quiz will end on 1st July 2022. So better you hurry up! Week 3 quiz answers are given below scroll the page to see the correct answers.

Participate In The Quiz & Win 40 $POSI

1) Visit the link given below and signup/login to your position exchange account.

2) Now take the POSI learn and earn weekly quiz (week 7 quiz).

3) Submit quiz answers, your email id, twitter username and Smartchain address.

4) POSI learn to earn quiz answers are given below.

5) 500 lucky participants with correct answers will get the prize of 40 POSI each.

6) Activity Period – from 26th June 2022 to 1st July 2022.

POSI Week 7 Quiz Answers

Do your research and recheck the answers before submitting it. These are for reference purposes only

Q1) What are the features of POSI Chain?

Answer: Decentralized, Fully On-chain orderbook & Execute orders directly with a smart contract

Q2) What stable token pairs are currently tradable on Position Spot trading?

Answer: All

Q3) Position Spot Trading allows users to choose the price, size, and direction of their trades.

Answer: True

POSI Week 5 Quiz Answers

Q1) What kind of charge is associated with employing the reverse order?

Answer: Transaction fee

Q2) You can place reverse orders by both market order and limit order.

Answer: True

Q3) What kind of order can you use to close a position?

Answer: All answers are correct

Q4) You need to place take-profit orders and stop-loss orders together.

Answer: True

Q5) How much is the Futures transaction fee?

Answer: 0.01

POSI Week 3 Quiz Answers

Q1) What are the characteristics of the Position Exchange Perpetual Trading Protocol?

Answer: Fully On-chain orderbook

Q2) Choose all trading pairs currently supported in Position Exchange.

Answer: BTC/BUSD

Q3) What is the highest leverage of the Position Exchange Perpetual Trading Protocol?

Answer: 25

Q4) What are the advantages of a Stop-loss order?

Answer: Don’t need to monitor your holdings daily

Q5) What types of orders are available on Position Exchange Perpetual Trading Protocol?

Answer: Stop-loss order