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OKX Sandbox Learn & Earn Quiz Answers: Earn 10 SAND Tokens

OKX Sandbox Learn & Earn Quiz Answers

OKX Sandbox Learn & Earn Quiz Answers: Participate in the OKX SAND tokens giveaway by completing learn and earn Sandbox quiz today and earn free $10 SAND. 

Answer 5 simple questions about Sandbox metaverse and win 10 SAND tokens in your OKX account. Yes, it’s that simple! 10,000 winners will win 10 SAND tokens each.

To participate in the giveaway all you need to do is have an account on OKX exchange with complete KYC. This campaign is open to all regions where OKX offers its services.

The first 10,000 users with the correct answers will receive 10 SAND tokens each in their OKX account. Campaign period: 9 March, 12:00 pm to 16 March 2022, 23:59 pm (UTC).

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To qualify for the OKX Sandbox token giveaway you need to create an account on OKX, complete your KYC, give Sandbox quiz answers correctly and submit it.

How to participate & win 10 SAND tokens?

1) Tap on the link given below and create a new account on OKX Exchange.

2) Use the OKX Exchange referral code given below during sign up process.

OKX Exchange Referral Code: 9195313

3) Complete level 1 and level 2 KYC to be eligible for the Sandbox giveaway.

4) Now be ready for the quiz which will go live at 5:30 pm (IST), 9th March 2022.

5) At 5:30 pm (IST) today visit the google form link given below and take the quiz carefully. 

6) Submit the quiz answers and your OKX UID. Sandbox token quiz answers are given below.

7) First 10,000 users will receive 10 SAND tokens each in their OKX account from this offer.

8) Promotion period: 12:00 pm (UTC), 9 March 2022 to 23:59 pm (UTC), 16 March 2022.

OKX Sandbox Quiz Answers

These answers are for your reference purpose only

Q1) Which famous musician will be turned into an avatar collection inside The Sandbox?

Answer: Snoop Dogg

Q2) What is the name of the program to create voxel assets and NFTs for The Sandbox?

Answer: VoxEdit

Q3) What is the largest possible Estate size on The Sandbox metaverse map?

Answer: 24×24

Q4) What is the name of The Sandbox’s native token?

Answer: SAND

Q5) What is the name of The Sandbox’s no-code development tool? 

Answer: The Sandbox Game Maker

Terms & Conditions

Maximum number of winners is 10,000 with a total distribution of 100,000 $SAND Tokens.

Risk-controlled users are not qualified for this promotion.

Rewards will be distributed by 16 April 2022.

Participants need to complete OKX KYC Level 2 to receive rewards.

All rights reserved by OKX for this promotion.