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Bitget Learn To Earn BGB Quiz Answers | Win $9 Worth BGB

Bitget BGB Quiz Answers

Bitget, a crypto exchange platform is giving away free BGB tokens who join the event by creating a new account, participating in the quiz, and making a first-time deposit.

There are three activities and you can complete any of them. The event has already started and you can join it before 30th May, 10:00 AM UTC.

Newly registered users can claim a random airdrop of up to 20 BGB while the top 500 users who get all the answers right in the BGB quiz can get 20 BGB.

Apart from this, if you want then you can also complete a net deposit of at least 100 USDT to gain up to 30 BGB. Otherwise, just go for the first two activities ie. creating an account and completing the quiz.

Earn $9 BGB From Learn To Earn BGB Quiz

First create a new account on Bitget exchange if you do not have one.

Now join the event by clicking on the join now button.

Open the BGB quiz form and submit the answers and your Bitget UID.

Complete a net deposit of at least 100 USDT to gain up to 30 BGB (optional).

You can earn double rewards if you complete the first-time deposit.

Also, join our telegram channel for genuine crypto airdrops.

Get all Binance crypto WODL answers correctly and share rewards.

Bitget BGB Quiz Answers

1. How much did the price of BGB rise in the quarter 1 of 2023?

The answer is – 120%

2. What’s the minimum requirement to get a ticket in BGB CandyBomb?

The answer is – Select all 3 options

3. Which of the sentences about BGB CandyBomb is Wrong?

The answer is – Only Spot trades are included in the trading volume prize pool

4. Which of the following sentence about BGB super airdrop is correct?

The answer is – Select all 4 options

5. What are the benefits of holding BGB?

The answer is – Select all options

6. What kind of free fee can you enjoy by BGB Staking?

The answer is – Gas-free withdrawals on multiple cryptocurrencies

7. Which of the sentence about BGB holders privileges is correct?

The answer is – Select all options

More Details

  • Users must click the ‘join now’ button, otherwise, it is invalid.

  • The campaign only includes the UK, Canada, Australia, South Asia, the Philippines, Nigeria, and South Africa.

  • Rewards will be distributed within 10 working days after the activity ends.

  • The campaign is limited to the first 3000 eligible users! first come first served!

  • Users participating with the same IP address will be considered invalid.