Paytm Wishlist 2022: Complete & Win Upto ₹1000 Cashback

Paytm Wishlist 2022

Paytm Wishlist 2022: Complete your Paytm wishlist, collect your cards and win upto ₹1000 free Paytm cashback. This offer is valid for all Paytm users.

This is Paytm’s new offer for all the users called the Paytm 2022 wishlist Offer. You need to make a Paytm 2022 wishlist by simple activities to collect cards.

By making a Paytm 2022 wishlist and collecting you can win free Paytm cashback of up to ₹1000. You need to collect stickers for that you get rewarded for completing each task. 

There are a total of 24 cards or stickers divided into 6 sections: celebrate your way, discover India, things to learn, food a thon, rejuvenate, and the classic games.

If you wish you can collect all of these 24 cards or stickers to earn free Paytm cashback of up to ₹1000 in your wallet. For collecting you need to do simple activities.

To Make your Paytm 2022 wishlist and to collect cards, you need to do various activities like add money, send money, pay money, do recharge, scan and pay, etc.

Get Zumba Card for free when you will sign up or join the Paytm Wishlist 2022 offer as a welcome gift. You can win exciting prizes by collecting PayTM 2022 Wishlist Cards

You can collect all other cards or you can request it from friends and you can earn good rewards from this form this Paytm Wishlist 2022 big loot offer.

Paytm Wishlist 2022 Rewards

1) Collect any 12 Cards and win up to ₹50-55 named PayTM Mid Day Delight.

2) Collect all 24 Wishlist Cards and win up to ₹100-1000 Cashback named PayTM 2022 Bonanza.

3) Collect all Theme Cards and win up to 100-1000 Cashback Points.

4) Collect all Things To Learn Cards and win up to 100-1000 Cashback Points.

5) Collect all Celebrate Your Way Cards and win up to 100-1000 Cashback Points.

6) Collect all Discover India Cards and win up to 100-1000 Cashback Points.

7) Collect all Food-A-Thon Cards and win up to 100-1000 Cashback Points.

8) Collect all Rejuvenate Cards and win up to 100-1000 Cashback Points.

9) Collect all Classic Games Cards and win up to 100-1000 Cashback Points.

How To Make Paytm Wishlist 2022 & Collect Cards?

1) First update your Paytm app and then click on the link given below.

2) You can also find Paytm Wishlist 2022 banner in Cashback & Offers sections.

Paytm Wishlist 2022 Win Cashback Upto 1000

3) Tap on the Paytm Wishlist 2022 banner & collect your free Zumba card.

Note: You can find ‘Zumba card’ in the Things to Learn section.

4) Collect different cards by activities like send money, scan & pay, add money, etc. to win scratch cards up to ₹1000 or up to 1000 cashback points.

5) If you have earned more than one Paytm wishlist card then gift it to others and earn surprise cards.

How To Collect Cards In Paytm Wishlist 2022?

1) Exchange Gifts: Send ₹50 to Mobile Number From Bank A/c

2) Go Shopping: Scan & Pay ₹25 at shop

3) Host Party: Add ₹100 in wallet

4) Binge Watch: Recharge any mobile for ₹99+

5) Zumba: Just signup in Game

6) Gardening: Send ₹50 to Mobile Number From Bank A/c

7) Investing: Buy Gold worth ₹100

8) Cooking: Book Gas cylinder

9) Coorg; Send ₹50 to Mobile Number From Bank A/c

10) Tawang: Scan & Pay ₹25 at shop

11) Spiti Valley: Pay Credit card Bill Worth ₹2000

12) Alibaug: Pay ₹198 at shop using Paytm Postpaid

13) Chhole Bhature: Scan & Pay ₹25 at shop

14) Dosa: Send ₹50 to Bank A/c

15) Puchka: Pay Electricity/Water/DTH Bill for ₹100

16) Pav Bhaji: Refer Friend to paytm

17) Relax: Set up auto add money

18) Yoga: Check in daily for 7 days

19) Walk: Send ₹50 to Mobile Number From Bank A/c

20) Spa: Shop on delivery apps for ₹99

21) Gully: cricket Pay ₹300 at shop using Paytm wallet

22) Hide: and seek Gift Any card to your friend

23) Scrabble: Book Movie of Min ₹150

24) Snakes & Ladders: Refer Friend to paytm

About Paytm Wishlist 2022

1) Every participant entering the game will see a list of Paytm Wishlist 2022 cards to be collected.

2) Also, the participant will get a Zumba card for entering the game.

3) The participant needs to complete various activities on Paytm to collect Wishlist cards which are based on themes such as Travel, Food, Games, etc.

4) The ways to collect items can be checked in the My Cards section.

5) The participant can win exciting cashback by collecting various sets of cards such as Mid Way Delight, Theme Collection, 2022 Bonanza, etc.

6) The list of offers available can be checked in the Offers and Rewards section.

7) The participant can also gift an extra card to friends and win a surprise gift in return.

Paytm Wishlist 2022 Rules: Gifting & Earning Items

1) The Participants can gift an item to anyone in case he has more than one card of that item.

2) The Receiver will receive the item only if he does not have that gifted card in his collection.

3) The Participant will earn a scratch card of item when his friends claims the Gift. (Max 2 Per Day)

4) Participants can gift an item only once per receiver in order to receive a surprise gift.