Cadbury 5Star Nothing Coin Mining: Free ₹50 Swiggy Voucher

Cadbury 5Star Nothing Coin Mining

Cadbury 5Star Nothing Coin Mining Offer: Get free ₹50 Swiggy voucher, Book My Show movie ticket, Gaana+ subscription, earphones, etc.

This is the first Indian mining service named ‘Cadbudy 5 Start Mining’ which gives you nothing coins for doing nothing.

You can use your oins to purchase any products like free earphones, Gaana+ subscription, ₹50 Swiggy vouchers, Book My Show movie ticket, etc.

It is very simple, you just have to sign up, verify your mobile number, enter some details and just start mining coins.

Your mining will start automatically, just have to wait for 5Star nothing coins to get collected. 

The rate of mining might vary. You have to come back again and do nothing to make the most of it.

The campaign will commence from 1st January 2022 and will end on 28th February 2022.

How to do Cadbury 5Star Nothing Coin Mining?

1) Click on the link given below to open Cadbury 5 Star nothing coin mining page.

Note: You can do Nothing Coin mining only on mobile device.

2) You will get ‘start’ button, now tap on it. Enter your mobile number and verify it with otp.

3) Enter your full name and email address and click on ‘continue’ button.

4) Tap on ‘start’ button to start your 5star nothing coin mining on your browser.

5) Mining will start, keep your mobile aside and do nothing on your mobile and let the coin mining works automatically.

6) You can stop coin mining by clicking on the ‘stop mining’ button at any time.

7) You can start mining again if you want by clicking on the ‘back to home’ button and then on the ‘start’ button.

8) After mining nothing coins, click on the ‘spend nothing coins’ button.

9) Spend your coins for free ₹50 Swiggy voucher, Gaana+subscription, earphones, etc.

Note: Maximum you can mine 1000 nothing coins and rewards will change.

10) The campaign have commenced from 1st January and will end on 28th February 2022.

Redeem Nothing Coins To Paytm Wallet

1) Click on Paytm Icon to redeem your ₹100 directly to your Paytm wallet.

2) Select the number of nothing coins and click on the ‘confirm’ button.

3) Enter your Paytm wallet number and redeem ₹100 to your Paytm account.

Redeem Coins For Jio Mart Voucher

1) Click on Jio mart Icon to get a Jio mart coupon worth ₹100.

2) Select the number of coins you want to spend and click on the ‘confirm’ button.

3) Collect your Jiomart coupon code of ₹100 and redeem it for getting flat ₹100 off on any Jiomart products.

Redeem Coins For 5Star Mall Voucher

1) Click on 5Star Mall Icon to get a 5star mall coupon worth ₹100.

2) Click on the ‘continue’ button to spend coins.

3) You will get many options: Zomato ₹100 voucher, Dominos ₹100 voucher, the soul store ₹100 voucher, etc.

4) Collect your coupon of ₹100 and redeem it for getting flat ₹100 off.