CoinDCX Decoding DAO Maker Quiz Answers: Earn INR 200 Worth DAO

CoinDCX DAO Maker Quiz

CoinDCX Decoding DAO Maker Quiz Answers: Hello guys! Recently I posted Binance learn and earn crypto quiz answers and I hope you have benefitted from those quizzes.

Similar to Binance’s learn and earn crypto quiz, Coindcx also launches crypto quizzes occasionally. It is one of the famous crypto exchange platforms in India.

Recently it is running a quiz named ‘Decoding DAO maker quiz’. Participants who submit correct answers will get a chance to earn INR 200 worth of DAO tokens for free.

Quiz questions are based on the DAO maker AMA session that was held at 09:00 PM on 22nd September 2022, on Coindcx official Twitter channel.

Coindcx users can submit the answers by 11:59 PM on November 4, 2022. Total 1000 winners from amongst all the participants will be selected via a random luck system. 

DAO Maker Quiz Details

Coindcx QuizDetails
Quiz typeLearn and earn
RewardsINR 200 worth DAO
WinnersRandom 1000 winners
Quiz SubmissionBy 4th November 2022, 11:59 PM

Quiz Rewards & Distribution

  • Total 1000 random winners will be selected from all the participants.
  • Winners will be announced within 14 days after the quiz activity ends.
  • Each selected winner will get INR 200 worth of DAO tokens.
  • Rewards will be given within 7 working days after the announcement of winners.

How To Take The DAO Maker Quiz?

** Participants must have a KYC-verified Coindcx account to participate in this event.

1. Visit the link that is given below and signup or create a new account on Coindcx.

2. If you already have an account then you can directly participate in the DAO quiz.

3. Open the Coindcx DAO maker quiz form and enter all the answers correctly.

4. Enter your Twitter handle and your email id that is registered on Coindcx.

5. Submit the quiz form. Done !!

6. Now follow the official Coindcx Twitter and Instagram accounts.

7. Like the post, share it as your story, and tag Coindcx on Instagram.

8. On Twitter like the post, retweet it by using hashtags #CoinDCXQuiz, and tag 2 friends.

Coindcx DAO Maker Quiz Answers

Question 1: How is called the mechanics allowing DAO staker’s to earn whatever the situation ?

Answer: The Venture Yield

Question 2: What is DAO Maker’s motto?

Answer: Venture capital re-created for the masses

Question 3: What project launched on DAO Maker made the biggest ATH Return on Investment?

Answer: My Neighbour Alice

Question 4: How the former project by DAO Maker’s CEO was called?

Answer: Icodog