CoinDCX Learn And Earn LCX Quiz Answers

CoinDCX Learn And Earn LCX Quiz Answers

CoinDCX Learn And Earn LCX Quiz Answers: Participate in the Coindcx learn & earn quiz and win free INR 250 worth $LCX tokens. Everyone who has a Coindcx account can participate.

An incentive-based learning module aimed to better your awareness about the crypto space. Watch short videos, answer simple questions and win Bitcoin worth INR 1000 for free.

Participate in it and stand a chance to win Rs. 250 worth of LCX tokens for free. Get all 5 quiz questions correctly to become eligible for the reward.

Earlier we published many Coindcx learn and earn quizzes where most of the participants earned free Rs.100 worth of Solana, Trade, Marsh tokens and many more.

How To Win ₹250 Worth LCX Tokens?

1) Create a Coindcx account from the link given below if you do not have one.

2) If you already have a Coindcx account then you can directly take the quiz.

3) Search for the ‘Coindcx Learn & Qarn Quiz’ banner from the app dashboard.

Note: This quiz may be account specific and may be showing in only some accounts.

4) Get all 5 quiz answers correct to become eligible for $LCX rewards.

5) 1000 eligible winners will receive ₹250 worth of LCX tokens each.

6) LCX tokens will be distributed after the quiz activity ends.

Coindcx LCX Quiz Answers

Do your research and recheck the answers before submitting, these answers are for reference purpose only

Q1) When was LCX token founded?

Answer: 2017

Q2) What does LCX focus on?

Answer: Tokenization of Assets

Q3) In the LCX ecosystem, Fire Salamander is s ___ aggregator?

Answer: DEX

Q4) Which of these is the first asset to be tokenized by LCX?

Answer: Diamond