Free ₹250 Earning From Coindcx Learn & Earn VINU Quiz

Coindcx VINU Quiz Answers

Coindcx Vinu quiz answers

Coindcx, an Indian crypto exchange has launched a new learn and earn campaign for its users. The activity consists of watching video tutorials and taking the quiz.

The quiz consists of only four questions which are very simple that can be attempted on your own just by watching videos. Still, you can refer to the Coindcx VINU quiz answers below.

A total of 800 winners with correct quiz answers will be rewarded with Rs.250 worth of VINU tokens after the activity ends. Learn about VINU and earn! a simple crypto quiz. 

In the previous Coindcx Bonfida quiz, 2k winners got ₹100 Bonfida tokens free. Do take this quiz also to earn free ₹250.

Quiz Rewards & Distribution

  • 800 winners will be selected randomly from all the participants.
  • Winners will be announced by 20th March after the quiz activity ends.
  • Selected winners will get ₹250 worth of VINU tokens each.
  • Tokens will be given within 7 days after the announcement of winners.

Earn ₹250 From Coindcx VINU Quiz

You must have a KYC-verified Coindcx account to participate in this contest.

1. Visit the link that is given below and signup or create a new account on Coindcx.

2. Now look for the learn and earn VINU quiz banner on the homepage.

3. Watch the given videos and then submit all the quiz answers correctly.

4. Done, that is it! 800 lucky winners will get ₹250 crypto tokens free.

Coindcx VINU Quiz Answers

Question 1. VINU Swap, unlike traditional order book exchanges is an ____.

  • a. Automated Market Maker (AMM)
  • b. Automated Trading Portal (ATP)
  • c. Automated Order Creator (AOC)

Answer: Automated Market Maker (AMM)

Question 2. How is the VINU team planning to transform into a community driven ecosystem?

  • a. Through VINU DeFi
  • b. Through VINU DApps
  • c. Through VINU DAO

Answer: Through VINU DAO

Question 3. What are the features of $VINU?

  • a. It charges 0.1% fees per transaction
  • b. It is energy efficient & feeless
  • c. It is solar powered

Answer: It is energy efficient & feeless

Question 4. What is the maximum supply of $VINU?

  • a. 1000 Billion
  • b. 10 Trillion
  • c. 1 Quadrilion

Answer: 1 Quadrilion