Binance Learn And Earn The Graph Quiz | 7 GRT Staking Rewards

Binance Graph Quiz Answer

Binance the Graph quiz answers: Welcome to the new round of Binance learn and learn. In this event, you will have the opportunity to test your knowledge about the Graph protocol and rewards.

Learn about the Graph protocol and get 7 GRT worth approximately one dollar. You can refer to the Graph Binance quiz answers from this post after the quiz starts.

You can begin to read the articles and watch the videos anytime from now and complete the quiz when it is available till GRT token supplies last.

Rewards are already fixed and will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis and they can claim the reward only after completing the quiz.

The Graph Quiz Rewards

Rewards7.2 GRT  token
Staking period150 days, get 10% APR
LinkGraph quiz

Binance Graph GRT Quiz Answer

Q1. What is The Graph protocol?

Answer: A protocol for accessing, organizing, and querying blockchain data

Q2. Who are the key participants in The Graph ecosystem?

Answer: Indexers, Curators, and Delegators

Q3. How does The Graph address the issue of accessing blockchain data?

Answer: Through its decentralized architecture and indexing capabilities

Q4. How does GRT contribute to the network?

Answer: By incentivizing participants and paying for queries

Q5. What are subgraphs in The Graph?

Answer: Open APIs that map and organize data from different blockchain networks

Q6. What is the role of Delegators in The Graph protocol?

Answer: To secure the network and expand Indexer operations

Q7. What do Delegators do in The Graph ecosystem?

Answer: Delegate their GRT to trusted Indexers and earn rewards

Q8. How does delegation contribute to The Graph’s ecosystem?

Answer: By allowing non-technical individuals to participate and earn rewards

Q9. How does The Graph transform our interaction with the decentralized web?

Answer: By making blockchain data more organized, efficient, and reliable

Q10. How does The Graph contribute to a more transparent and efficient data marketplace?

Answer: By organizing and making blockchain data accessible

Q11. How does The Graph improve the accessibility of blockchain data?

Answer: By deploying open APIs, called subgraphs

Q12. Which role in The Graph protocol ensures data availability and reliability?

Answer: Indexers