Binance Radiant Quiz: Get 3 RDNT Staking Rewards | 10% APR

Binance Radiant Quiz

Welcome to the new round of binance learn and learn. In this event, you are getting opportunity to earn cryptocurrency tokens.

You have to learn about the radiant which is a DeFi money market and on successfully completing the quiz you get 3 RDNT worth approximately one dollar. You can refer to the radiant Binance quiz answers from this post.

Read articles on Radiant (RNDT) and watch videos so that you can easily crack the quiz questions. Also, the quiz is open only till RDNT token supplies last.

As rewards are already fixed, so it be available on a first-come-first-serve basis and can be claimed only after completing the quiz. Basically RNDT quiz is a part of hodl and earn campaign.

Since few months Binance is giving free crypto tokens as staking rewards, so you will get 10% APR on RNDT tokens you get from this campaign.

How To Take Binance Quiz?

  • Open binance app.
  • Go to learn and earn page from services section.
  • Scroll down and take the radiant quiz.
  • Click on start quiz and complete it by giving correct answers.
  • Earn 3 RDNT total staking rewards.
  • Enjoy 10% APR.
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Binance Radiant (RDNT) Quiz Answer

Q1. What is the primary goal of decentralized finance (DeFi) money markets like Radiant Capital?

Answer: To revolutionize asset transfer and accumulation globally

Q2. What is required for a user to receive RDNT emissions in Radiant’s platform?

Answer: The user’s dLP value must stay above 5% of their deposits in Radiant’s lending markets

Q3. Which blockcahin does Radiant V2 currently support?

Answer: Ethereum Mainnet, Arbitrum, and BNB Chain

Q4. What is the nature of RDNT in Radiant Capital’s ecosystem?

Answer: An Omnichain Fungible Token

Q5. What is the purpose of Radiant’s Dynamic Liquidity (dLP) staking mechanism?

Answer: To align user incentives with the protocol’s sustainability

Q6. What percentage of protocol fees are returned to Radiant’s users?

Answer: 85%

Q7. How does Radiant V2 aim to solve the problem of fractured liquidity in DeFi?

Answer: By using omnichain technology to pool assets from all enabled chains

Q8. What are the benefits of dLPs in Radiant’s ecosystem?

Answer: Receive RDNT emissions, protocol fees, and governance power

Q9. What notable feature did Radiant introduce with its V2 launch?

Answer: Omnichain functionality