Binance P2P Quiz Answers Today: Share 1,300 BUSD In Rewards!

Binance P2P Quiz

Binance P2P Quiz Answers Today: Recently Binance P2P has announced a learn-and-earn challenge for selected countries in Southeast Asia.

All the Binance existing P2P users as well as new P2P users who are from countries Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar are eligible to participate in this new learn-and-earn challenge.

There are total 3 tasks that need to be completed to become eligible for the rewards. Reading some articles, completing the quiz, and purchasing any crypto of at least $30 on Binance P2P.

All the eligible winners will equally share 1,300 BUSD in rewards. The first 100 existing P2P users and the first 100 new P2P users will get 3 BUSD and 10 BUSD token vouchers each respectively.

How To Participate In The Binance P2P Quiz?

1) Signup or login to your Binance exchange account from the link given below.

2) Visit this link to participate in the Binance P2P learn and earn quiz campaign.

3) You will get total 14 questions related to Binance P2P, select the correct options and submit them.

4) Purchase any cryptocurrency of at least $30 on Binance P2P during the activity period.

5) All the eligible users of the campaign will share 1300 in BUSD token voucher rewards.

  • First 100 qualified existing users of the Binance P2P – 3 BUSD token voucher each.
  • First 100 qualified new users of the Binance P2P – 10 BUSD token voucher each.

6) This promotion activity is valid from 25th October 2022 till 10th November, 00:00 (UTC).

Learn And Earn Binance P2P Quiz Answers

I have researched and tried my best to give correct answers, also do your own research and verify the answers before submitting the quiz.

Question 1: If you post P2P ads on Binance P2P, you are;

Answer: Maker

Question 2: The fee for users who are takers on Binance P2P is

Answer: 0%

Question 3: On Binance P2P, taker is limited to buying a specific amount of crypto per day.

Answer: False

Question 4: As a taker, what should you do before placing an order on Binance P2P?

Answer: All are correct

Question 5: Unverified users can do the transaction on Binance P2P?

Answer: False

Question 6: The security mechanism that secures the crypto during a P2P transaction in order to prevent scams is called?

Answer: Escrow service

Question 7: Which wallet your crypto will be held in when you complete a purchase on Binance P2P?

Answer: Funding Wallet

Question 8: What zone on Binance P2P the system will automatically match the best-available order based on your preferred payment methods and crypto amount?

Answer: Express Zone

Question 9: What are the channels for users to contact Binance Customer Service when encountering trading issues on Binance P2P? 

Answer: Both A & B are correct

Question 10: If you overpaid your counterparty, what should you do?

Answer: A & D are correct

Question 11: If you are the seller, and you have not received the payment, but the order was marked as paid, what should you do?

Answer: B, C and D are correct

Question 12: In order to buy crypto on Binance P2P, which steps have to be completed by the user? 

Answer: Identity verification (KYC)

Question 13: What can you do in P2P Express Zone?

Answer: A and B are correct

Question 14: How can you find trading performance and statistics of other P2P users on Binance P2P?

Answer: On Binance P2P main page, or on the P2P order page, click their nicknames to enter their profile pages.

More Details Of Binance P2P Quiz

  • The campaign is available for users from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar.
  • Completing the quiz and making a purchase of crypto of at least $30 on Binance P2P is a necessary task.
  • The first 100 qualified existing users of the Binance P2P will receive a 3 BUSD token voucher each.
  • The first 100 qualified new users of the Binance P2P will receive a 10 BUSD token voucher each.
  • Token voucher rewards will be distributed within three weeks after the promotion ends.
  • Log in and redeem your BUSD token voucher via account > reward center.
  • Activity is valid from 25th October to 10th November 2022, 00:00 (UTC).