Binance Livepeer Quiz Answers: Win $1 LPT

Binance Livepeer Quiz Answers

Binance Livepeer Quiz Answers (Solved): Earn assured 0.093 LPT from the Binance learn and earn Livepeer quiz. The quiz questions are based on Livepeer (LPT) cryptocurrency.

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Watch the videos and read lessons anytime from now, and complete quizzes from 7th September 2022, 09:00 AM (UTC). Rewards are limited while token supplies last!

Livepeer is built on Ethereum and it is essentially a network that connects anyone seeking video processing with suppliers that provide this service.

It uses its native token which is LPT to incentivize network participants to keep this video transcoding process reliable, secure, and affordable compared to current centralized solutions.

Quiz nameBinance Livepeer quiz
Date21st September 2022, 16:00 (UTC)
Rewards0.093 LPT token
Winners selectionFirst come, first served!

How To Earn LPT From Livepeer Quiz?

1) First signup or login to your Binance exchange account.

2) Go to the learn earn quiz page from the Binance app dashboard.

3) Quiz will go live on 7th September 2022, 09:00 AM (UTC).

4) Take the quiz once it goes live and earn assured $LPT token rewards.

Livepeer Binance Answers

Q1. What is the native token of Livepeer?

Correct Answer: LPT

Q2. Who stakes Livepeer tokens (LPT) in order to receive a share of video processing fees?

Correct Answer: Delegators

Q3. Livepeer is built on which blockchain?

Correct Answer: Ethereum

Q4. What are the benefits of delegating LPT on the Livepeer network?

Correct Answer: All are correct

Q5. Livepeer has processed over 150 million minutes of video since its mainnet launch. True or false?

Correct Answer: True

Q6. Which of the following provides a gateway to delegating on the Livepeer network?

Correct Answer: The Livepeer Explorer

Q7. Transcoding is one of the steps necessary to deliver video content smoothly to end users. True or false?

Correct Answer: True

Q8. Livepeer is used primarily to process what type of content?

Correct Answer: Video content

Q9. Livepeer orchestrators receive a share of video processing fees in the form of?

Correct Answer: ETH

Q10. When was Livepeer’s mainnet launch?

Correct Answer: 2018