Binance Learn And Earn OM Quiz Answers

Binance Mantra Quiz Answers

Binance OM Quiz Answers: In the past few months Binance, one of the biggest crypto exchanges has launched many learn-and-earn quiz activities for its users.

Many of us earned a good amount of cryptocurrencies from the previous Binance learn and earn quizzes. In today’s Binance OM Quiz you can 21 OM tokens worth approx dollar 1. 

Some other Binance quizzes like Bittorrent (BTTC), XRP Ledger (XRPL), Kyber Network (KNC) are also live. The quiz rewards are credited as cashback vouchers instantly after attempting the quiz.

OM is Mantra’s native token and has various utilities. OM stakers can issue proposals, participate in governance votes, and suggest developments in various products across the OMniverse.

OMniverse is an all-encompassing MANTRA ecosystem. The OMniverse is made up of four stacks that comprise the wide variety of products and services MANTRA offers to both retail and institutional investors.

Binance OM quiz answers:

Questions are shuffled and can be asked randomly, below are the answers.

1st question answer: MANTRA Chain

2nd question answer: EVM & IBC

3rd question answer: Yes

4th question answer: Decentralized exchange

5th question answer: $OM

6th question answer: MANTRA Nodes

7th question answer: All are correct

8th question answer: 2020