Binance Liquid Swap Quiz Answers

Binance Liquid Swap Quiz Answers

You need to pass a quiz before you add in liquid pool on the Binance exchange and it is a mandatory quiz that needs to be given to proceed further. In this post, you get updated Binance Liquid Swap quiz answers. 


Q1) ‘Liquid Swap’ is a product developed on which of the following design principles?

Answer: AMM (Automatic Market Maker)

Q2) Is ‘Liquid Swap’ a guaranteed investment?

Answer: No, a loss may incur

Q3) When you provide liquidity, which of the following views is incorrect?

Answer: Any token can be added

Q4) In the current BUSD / DAI pool, the pool price is 1 BUSD:1 DAI. If you trade 10,000 BUSD into DAI, the system prompts you that there will be a 3% slippage in this transaction. If the transaction is successful, you will lose due to slippage

Answer: ≈ 300 USD

Q5) When you add 100 BUSD to a BUSD / DAI liquidity pool (the current pool ratio is 4:6/ BUSD: DAI), what tokens will you hold (if transaction fee and slippage are not considered)

Answer: A portion portfolio, including 40 BUSD + 60 DAI, and the portion portfolio will change in real-time

Q6) When you remove your tokens back, which of the following views is incorrect

Answer: You can get the same amount of tokens you added

Q7) Which of the following may cause transaction fees

Answer: All of the above

Q8) In ‘Liquid Swap’ for providing liquidity, there are several situations that may cause losses

Answer: All of the above

Q9) ‘Liquid Swap’ is not a guaranteed investment, after providing the liquidity, the maximum loss you may incur is

Answer: More than 50%

Q10) Regarding the number of portions, the portion value, cost per portion, and unrealized profit and loss, which of the following is incorrect

Answer: The number of portions changes in real time, but the value of portions remains constant