Binance CyberConnect Quiz | Claim 0.1 CYBER Worth $1.3

Binance CyberConnect Quiz

Binance is back with a new learn to earn quiz ‘CyberConnect’. This promotional quiz is available to users who have never won any staking rewards before.

CYBER rewards will be automatically locked in Simple Earn Locked products for 150 days, where users can enjoy 10% APR.

Users cane read articles on CyberConnect before taking the quiz course. Also it is open only till CYBER token supplies last and available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

How To Earn 0.1 CYBER From Quiz?

  • Open Binance app and login.
  • Go to ‘services’ from homepage >> ‘learn and earn’ section.
  • CyberConnect quiz is live.
  • Attempt all questions and complete it.
  • Earn 0.1 CYBER staking rewards with 10% APR.

CyberConnect Quiz Answers

Q1. What is CyberAccount?

Answer: Smart Contract Wallet

Q2. CyberConnect aims to solve which one of the following problems?

Answer: All of the options

Q3. What problems does CyberConnect aim to solve?

Answer: Return data ownership back to users

Q4. What blockchains does CyberConnect support?

Answer: Ethereum (EVM)

Q5. Which one of the following is a core component of CyberConnect V3?

Answer: All of the options

Q6. Which of the following dApps are in CyberConnect’s ecosystem?

Answer: All of the options

Q7. What is Cyber L2?

Answer: OP Stack L2 blockchain

Q8. Which one of the following is a key component of CyberAccount?

Answer: All of the options

Q9. What is CyberConnect?

Answer: Web3 Social Network Protocol