Binance QI Quiz Answers

Binance BENQI Quiz Answers

Binance QI Quiz Answers: Binance QI rewards are applicable only for those users who never subscribed to simple earn locked products before 19th October 2022.

The QI rewards that you earn from this new Binance learn and earn quiz will be automatically staked for 150 days, and the users will get 100% APR. 

The topic is about BENQI, it provides users with an Avalanche-based network that’s scalable, accessible, and decentralized. The BENQI ecosystem has established two main protocols.

BENQI aims to democratize access to two fundamental financial products, one is liquid staking, an innovative financial product for unlocking the value of staked coins, and the other is lending and borrowing.

Learn And Earn QI Quiz Details

Quiz NameBinance QI Quiz
Activity Period19th October to 26th October 2022
Rewards$BENQI Tokens
Winners SelectionFirst Come, First Served!
Quiz SourceLink

How To Take Binance Learn And Earn QI Quiz?

1) Tap on the link given below and signup or login to your Binance account.

2) Must complete your KYC verification which is mandatory for collecting rewards.

3) Go to Binance Learn and Earn Quiz page from the Binance app dashboard or visit here.

4) Binance Learn and Earn QI Quiz will go live on 19th October 2022, 09:00 (UTC).

5) Take the quiz once it goes live and earn assured $QI token rewards.

Binance QI Quiz Answers

Q1) Which of the following is part of BENQI’s suite of protocols?

Answer: All are correct

Q2) Which blockchain is BENQI deployed on?

Answer: Avalanche

Q3) What is the purpose of the QI token?

Answer: All are correct

Q4) Which asset does BENQI Liquid Staking support?

Answer: AVAX

Q5) Which of the following assets are listed on BENQI Liquidity Market?

Answer: All are correct

Q6)  Users can seamlessly stake on BENQI Liquid Staking to both secure the network it’s on while having the freedom to use that capital within DeFi.

Answer: True

Q7) Which yield-bearing asset do users receive from BENQI Liquid Staking?

Answer: sAVAX

Q8) Are there any minimum requirements for staking on BENQI Liquid Staking?

Answer: No

Q9) What is the purpose of veQI?

Answer: Voting power for validators to receive additional staking delegations

Q10) Which of the following protocols is BENQI’s liquid staking asset integrated with?

Answer: All are correct