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SafePal Learn & Earn $154 Deviants Factions NFT Giftbox Quiz

SafePal Deviants Factions NFT Giftbox Quiz Answers

SafePal Deviants Factions NFT Giftbox Quiz Answers: Participate in SafePal learn & earn quiz and get a chance to win a $154 worth of DEV token NFTs.

To participate in this campaign, you must have an account on SafePal. If you don’t have then create one from the below given SafePal app link and then take the NFT giftbox quiz.

During the campaign period, users who take the SafePal x Deviants Factions quiz, answer all the questions correctly, and hold minimum $80 SFP token in their wallet will be eligible.

Only the first 20000 qualified participants can enter the whitelist process be selected during this campaign period. Activity period: From 21st April 2022, 7.30 AM to 22nd April 2022, 7.30 AM (IST).

Deviants’ Factions is a play-to-earn trading card game where each card is an NFT. It proposes an immersive narrative experience for players, presenting a setup that provides fictional explanations to real-world events.

Players will use 8-card custom-built decks to battle each other. Their objective: to destroy the opposing headquarters. For this, they’ll use their characters and technologies to attack and defend throughout the match.

SafePal Deviants Factions NFT Giftbox Quiz Answers

Q1) Which are the four Factions in the game?

Answer: Owner, Awaken, Inhuman, and Entropy

Q2) Which stablecoin does Deviants’ Factions use in its competitive structure?

Answer: UST

Q3) Where is the official store to buy a ready-to-play Deviants’ Factions starter pack?

Answer: Knowhere.art

Q4) How many cards are there in a deck?

Answer: 8

Q5) Which of the following is not a Deviants’ Factions card type?

Answer: Trap

Q6) What items will you be able to craft using $DEV and other NFTs?

Answer: NFT Cards And Cosmetics 

Q7) How many factions are in Deviants Factions TCG?

Answer: 4

Q8) What is the utility of the $DEV token?

Answer: All the above

Q9) Where can I farm the $DEV token?

Answer: Apollo

Q10) Who has backed Deviants’ Factions as investors?

Answer: All of the above

Participate & Win $154 DEV Token NFTs

1) Tap on the link given below and download the SafePal crypto wallet app.

2) Select software wallet, set a password and create your SafePal wallet.

3) Note down the back phrase somewhere so that you access your account.

4) On the homepage, tap on the learn & earn 20000 NFT banner or gift box option.

SafePal Deviants Factions Quiz Answers

5) Answers all quiz questions correctly & complete all the other tasks to get claim option.

6) To complete tasks you need to have minimum $80 worth SFP tokens in your SafePal wallet.

7) Activity period: 21st April 2022, 7.30 AM to 22nd April 2022, 7.30 AM (IST).