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Phoneum Network Mining Referral Code | Mine PHT Daily

Phoneum network referral code: 1d761b37

Now Phoneum is FONE and is a true mobile-only cryptocurrency app. It is a Solana-based token similar to other cryptos. This app gives crypto reards by playing simple tasks.

FONE is now listing on Probit Global Exchange.

How does it work?

  • Create an account, and start mining PHT continuously for 7 days.
  • Get rewarded after every mining.
  • Invite your friend and increase your mining rate.
  • Share your app with your friends and keep mining PHT.

Follow The Steps To Mine PHT

1) Open the link below, install the Phoneum app, and sign up.

2) Enter my referral code, then click on the confirm button.

Referral Code: 1d761b37

3) You will receive 200+ PHT for using my referral code.

4) Now, click on the start button and start mining cryptos.


5) Click on the regular button. Cloud earning started.

6) Now, Invite your friends by sharing your referral link.

Important: To earn Phoneum (PHT) visit every week, and click on the start earning button.

Official website link – Click here