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ByBit Shiba Inu Airdrop: 10 Billion SHIB Tokens Giveaway

ByBit Shiba Inu Airdrop Today

ByBit Shiba Inu Airdrop: Welcome 2022 with a 10 billion SHIB prize pool. Claim your free tokens of up to 1,000,000 SHIB tokens. 

This is an official airdrop from ByBit where every user who will join this prize pool will receive random SHIB tokens in their ByBit wallet.

Earlier we published Shiftal airdrop where people got $6 to $7 (₹500) worth 50 SFL Tokens. Use Shiftal Referral Code during signup and earn $6 to $7 SFL Tokens.

There is no need to complete any trade or hold any crypto to get 50 SFL tokens worth ₹500. It is a very simple task, you just need to signup and done! you got 50 SFL tokens.

Earn 20 SFL tokens worth ₹200 on each referral from Shiftal exchange when you refer or invite your friends to Shiftal exchange from their refer & earn program.

ByBit Shiba Inu Airdrop is for all ByBit users as well as spot trades and derivatives traders who will get an extra bonus SHIB token from this Prize Pool.

Total 4 Billion + 4 Billion SHIB tokens and 14 iPhone 13 will be available to claim for spot and derivatives trades. This offer is only for limited trades on first come first base.

Win 10B Worth SHIB Tokens From ByBit Shiba Inu Prize Pool

1) Click on the link given below to visit ByBit registration page.

2) Enter your name, email, password & referral code given below to register.

ByBit Referral Code: BNGP32

Bybit Launchpad 2.0 Quiz Answers

3) On dashboard, tap on the 10 Billion SHIB ups for grab! offer banner.

Bybit 10 billion Shib airdrop

4) Tap on ‘claim your prize’ and you are successfully registered for this prize pool.

5) Every new user who claimed prize will receive SHIB tokens with the maximum being 10,00,000 SHIB tokens.

6) Only users who have not made their first Bybit Spot trade can qualify for the new traders prize.

7) You can earn rewards from all the activities mentioned below if you meet the necessary requirements.

(A) For Spot Traders: Over 4 Billion SHIB & 14 iPhone 13 to Claim

For new users: Complete your first Spot trade of SHIB/USDT (≥ $100) to earn 300,000 SHIB. Only for the first 5,000 users.

For everyone else: During the campaign, trade > $100 SHIB to win from a prize pool of 4 billion SHIB. The amount you stand to win is based on your individual trading volume of SHIB to the total trading volume of SHIB from everyone else. So the more you trade, the more you stand to earn!

Lucky draw: Every day, we will select a lucky winner from all participants whose SHIB/USDT accumulated trading volume is 2 $5,000 to get an iPhone 13 Pro! There will only be 14 iPhone 13 Pros.

(B) For Derivative Traders: Over 4 Billion SHIB to Claim

During the campaign, all participants whose SHIB/USDT Derivatives trading volume $150,000 USDT will split the 4 billion SHIB prize pool equally.

Terms & Conditions

Users need to register for the event via this landing page to be eligible for the rewards.

As long as you have registered for this event, you will receive a random amount of SHIB with the maximum being 1,000,000 SHIB.

Only users who have not made their first Bybit Spot trade can qualify for the New Traders prize.

Only SHIB/USDT trades across Spot and Derivatives will be counted.

Users can earn rewards from all the activities mentioned above if they meet the necessary requirements.

Eligible reward recipients will be notified within 7 working days from this campaign’s end date.

The results of the lucky draw will also be revealed within 7 working days from this campaign’s end date on Twitter.

Depending on the reward, users may be asked to provide their shipping particulars via for delivery.

Bybit reserves the right to disqualify a participant if he/she engages in inappropriate, dishonest, or abusive activities.