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Lynkey Wallet Airdrop: Earn Free $18 Worth LYNK Tokens


Lynkey Referral Code xn31eg: Join the airdrop, sign up on LYNK wallet from the link given below and earn free 200 LYNK tokens worth $18.

There is no need to complete any trade or hold any crypto to get free $18 worth of LYNK tokens. You just need to signup, complete your KYC and claim free $18.

Earlier we have published ECC Coin airdrop where you can earn free 50 ECC coins by just signing and 25 ECC coins for each successful referral.

ECC Coin airdrop will be released after 90 days of E-bot launch. There will be a total of $50 million worth of ECC Coin giveaways, so signup & earn ECC today.

Lynkey is a blockchain-based certification utility ecosystem link and key that enables solutions to book, pay for holidays, buy timeshare or property in smart tourism.

You can also invite your friends and earn 200 LYNK tokens worth $9 for each successful referral when your friend signup on Lynkey Wallet.

Join the airdrop from the link given below, enter the referral code xn31eg and claim your free $18 worth LYNK tokens from this airdrop.

Earn 200 LYNK Tokens Worth $18

Tap on button given below and download the Lynkey wallet app.

Open the app, enter your name, email, password and referral code.

Lynkey Referral Code: g2lw87

Lynkey Referral Code

In the next step, verify your email id as well as your mobile number.

Go to the profile section and add your basic details and complete your KYC.

You will get free $18 worth LYNK tokens after successful KYC verification.

Select the id type, enter id number and upload the front & back side photos of the id card.

Indian users can upload their Aadhaar card and non-Indian users can upload their national identity card.

Now take a white paper and write today’s date and the word Lynkey in bold letters.

Upload your selfie with your id card and the handwritten note.

You will receive a mail once your verification has been completed. 

After successful KYC verification you will receive $18 worth LYNK tokens in your account.