Kucoin SO-COL Listing Carnival Quiz Answers | Earn $5 SIMP

Kucoin SO-COL Listing Carnival

SO-COL (SIMP) is going to list on Kucoin and therefore they have launched a campaign in which a SIMP reward pool worth $50,000 will be shared.

To be part of this giveaway event you need to pass the quiz, even I have added Kucoin SO-COL listing carnival quiz answers, you can do your own research too.

This is a non-trading activity, the first 400 participants with correct quiz answers will evenly split $2,000, $5 in SIMP each. The remaining participants will share $8,000 SIMP.

SO-COL Quiz Details

Quiz: SO-COL listing carnival learn and earn quiz

Campaign period: 19th to 26th January 2023, 10:00 (UTC)

Learn and earn prize pool: $10,000 SIMP

Early bird reward: First 400 will share $2,000 SIMP prize pool 1, $5 each

Other participants: Evenly split $8,000 SIMP

Quiz link: Click here

Kucoin SO-COL Learn & Earn Quiz Answers

Note: Also do your own research and recheck the answers before submitting it.

Q1. What is the link to SO-COL platform?

Answer: socol.io

Q2. Which chain will the $SIMP token be on?

Answer: Ethereum

Q3. What is the initial circulating supply of $SIMP on TGE?

Answer: 49 million

Q4. What is SO-COL?

Answer: A community management platform for creators to engage with their audience through token-gated communities

Q5. Who is the founder of SO-COL?

Answer: Irene Zhao

Q6. When did SO-COL platform went live?

Answer: Nov 2022

Q7. Which is not a platform feature of SO-COL?

Answer: Swap $ETH for stablecoins

Q8. Who is not an investor of SO-COL?

Answer: Alameda Ventures