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KBC Daily Quiz Answers Today | Play Along

KBC Quiz Answers Today

Refer to KBC quiz answers today, also play Kon Banega Crorepati Season 16 play along quiz daily, and stand a chance to win cash prizes or other rewards.

This is season 16 of Kon Banega Crorepati (KBC) has already started. You can also play this quiz every day at 9 pm to get a chance to be on the hot seat.

You can play KBC quiz in either Hindi or English language.  It also has KBC daily quiz also known as IDFC’s first bank quiz that can be played daily to increase points to increase rank on the leaderboard.

Meanwhile, Kaun Honar Crorepati has already started with season 3. You can play both and win cash prizes, a KBC audience pass, laptop, tablet, smartphone, speaker, and gift vouchers.

Play KBC Play Along Quiz & Win Cash Prizes

1) Download the Sony Liv app from play store or from the below link.

2) Open the app, log in to your account, and search for the KBC Quiz banner.

3) Tap on the daily quiz option and play daily to add more points to your score.

4) For every correct answer you will earn 100 points, total 1000 points daily.

5) KBC Hindi offline play along quiz answers are given below.

6) Along with daily quiz you need to play ‘KBC Play Along’ at 9 pm daily from Mon to Sat

KBC Play Along

7) Scoring points daily and win exciting prizes like gift vouchers, laptop, iPad.

8) You can check the prizes that you have won in the ‘my earnings’ section.

KBC Daily Quiz Answers

  • 1st Answer: Rome

  • 2nd Answer: South Korea

  • 3rd Answer: Honour FIRST Defence Account

  • 4th Answer: Hyderabad
  • 5th Answer: Sonam Kapoor

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 5th September

Q1) Which Italian city is known as the “Eternal City”?

Answer: Rome

Q2) Which country hosted the 2018 Winter Olympics?

Answer: South Korea

Q3) IDFC FIRST Bank has created which of the below products for our Armed Forces?

Answer: Honour FIRST Defence Account

Q4) What is the capital of Telangana?

Answer: Hyderabad

Q5) Who won the National Film Award for Best Actress for her role in the movie “Neerja”?

Answer: Sonam Kapoor

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 4th September

Q1) Which state in India shares boundary with maximum states?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

Q2) Ozone layer in the upper part of the atmosphere protects us from?

Answer: Ultraviolet radiation

Q3) Lifetime-free applies to which of the below IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Cards?

Answer: All of the above

Q4) Which is the thinnest earth layer?

Answer: Crust

Q5) What has to be subtracted from gross investment to obtain net investment?

Answer: Depriciation

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 1st September

Q1) Which devices is developed in the 1990s which technology enables the short-range wireless communication between two electronic devices?

Answer: Bluetooth

Q2) Which Bollywood movie is based on the real-life story of acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal?

Answer: Chhapaak

Q3) The Book ‘Shantaram’ is based on which city in India?

Answer: Mumbai

Q4) In which sport would you find a pommel horse?

Answer: Gymnastics

Q5) Consumers lounge access benefits come with which of the below IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Cards?

Answer: All of the above

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 30th August

Q1) Which country won the first ever FIFA world cup

Answer: Uruguay

Q2) While working on Microsoft Word, which among the following is the command for “Undo”?

Answer: Ctrl+Z

Q3) Which tissue protects the entire body?

Answer: Epithelial tissue

Q4) IDFC FIRST Bank Privilege Banking Program has which of the below?

Answer: All of the above

Q5) How many centimetres are there in a metre?

Answer: 100

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 29th August

Q1) Which state is starting “Project Sanjeevani” for livestock healthcare?

Answer: Himachal Pradesh

Q2) Who directed the movie “The

Answer: Francis Ford Coppola

Q3) Who was the first Indian woman to become the President of the United Nations General Assembly?

Answer: Vijaya Laxmi Pandit

Q4) ___ instrument is used to measure relative humidity?

Answer: Hygrometer

Q5) IDFC FIRST Bank provides which of the below deposit facilities?

Answer: All of the above

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 28th August

Q1) Which of the following countries has become the 31st member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)?

Answer: Finland

Q2) Who won the 2023 Time 100 Reader Poll?

Answer: Shah rukh khan

Q3) IDFC FIRST Bank offers which of the below loans?

Answer: Personal loan

Q4) Which state in India is commonly referred to as the “Heart of India”?

Answer: Madhya pradesh

Q5) Whom were high-heeled shoes designed for?

Answer: King louis XIV

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 25th August

Q1) Which planet is NASA training four people to live on in June 2023?

Answer: Mars

Q2) Who is the first Indian woman to win a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in wrestling?

Answer: Geet Phogat

Q3) In which year Android OS was invented?

Answer: 2003

Q4) IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card Rewards can be redeemed on which of the below?

Answer: All of the above

Q5) Which U.S. state is known for its volcanic activity and geysers?

Answer: Alaska

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 24th August

Q1) Who won the best director award at the 2021 Oscars?

Answer: Chloe Zhao

Q2) Who is the brand ambassador for IDFC First Bank?

Answer: Amitabh Bachchan

Q3) On June 25, 1989Phil Appleby got the highest individual score in scrable. what was his score?

Answer: 1049

Q4) Which is the biggest part of the brain?

Answer: Cerebrum

Q5) Which of the following tennis players was known as the king of clay?

Answer: Rafael Nadal

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 22nd August

Q1) In which year was the first commercial computer sold?

Answer: 1951

Q2) Dushanbe is the capital of which Central Asian country?

Answer: Tajikistan

Q3) IDFC FIRST Bank Savings Accounts offer you which of the below?

Answer: Monthly interest credit

Q4) How many teeth does a normal adult dog have?

Answer: 42

Q5) Who is the current chairman of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation)?

Answer: S. Somanath

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 21st August

Q1) Which of the following cities is the capital of the state of Texas?

Answer: Austin

Q2) Which nation mediated the Saudi Iran Detente peace ageement?

Answer: China

Q3) Who played the role of Abdul karimin the movie Victoria & Abdul?

Answer: Ali Fazal

Q4) IDFC FIRST Bank credit card reward points are valid for how long?

Answer: No expiry

Q5) Schengan Area is associated with which association?

Answer: European Union

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 18th August

Q1) Who was chosen as a brand ambassador for the IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships in addition to Mary Kom?

Answer: Farhan Akhtar

Q2) Which of the below IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Cards are designed for young Millennials?

Answer: IDFC First Millennia Credit Card

Q3) What animal is Hercules, the Guinness world record holder for the largest living cat?

Answer: Liger

Q4) Lata Mangeshkar awarded with Bharat Ratna in the year

Answer: 2001

Q5) Which country invented the first successful artificial satellite?

Answer: Soviet Union

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 17th August

Q1) Pellets of the element used as fuel in nuclear reactors to create nuclear fission.

Answer: Uranium

Q2) Who holds the Guinness World Record by solving Rubik’s cube in 14.32 seconds?

Answer: Jayadharshan Venkatesan

Q3) Who among the following has been elected as the new President of Vietnam?

Answer: Vo Van Thuong

Q4) Lifetime-free proposition applies to which IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card?

Answer: All of the above

Q5) Which NBA player scored 8 points in the final 9 seconds of a game to lead his team to victory?

Answer: Reggie Miller

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 16th August

Q1) Who played the role of Geet in the movie Jab We Met?

Answer: Kareena Kapoor

Q2) Gandhinagar is the capital of which state?

Answer: Gujarat

Q3) Which Indian scientist was first to show nucleotides in protein synthesis?

Answer: Har Gobind Khorana

Q4) What is the most expensive car ever sold at auction?

Answer: Mercedes-Benz 300 UHLENHAUT COUPE

Q5) IDFC FIRST Bank was formed by the merging of which companies?

Answer: Capital First and IDFC Bank

KBC Registration 10th Question & Answer

Meanwhile, KBC registration 10th quiz question and answer for 8th May 2023 is;

Question – Which of these Presidents of India did not previously serve as vice president?


  • Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma
  • Dr S Radhakrishnan
  • Shri KR Narayanan
  • Dr Rajendra Prasad

Correct answer – Dr Rajendra Prasad

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 29th December

Q1) What is the real name of the Indian Actress, Kiara Advani?

Answer: Alia Advani

Q2) Which language is known as Queen of all languages in the world?

Answer: Kannada

Q3) Which is the first web browser invented in 1990?

Answer: Nexus

Q4) Dudhsagar Falls is situated on which of the following river?

Answer: Mandovi

Q5) The ‘Blackbuck National Park’ situated in which of the following states of India?

Answer: Gujarat

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 28th December

Q1) Which of the following gas is most harmful for the ozone layer?

Answer: Chlorofluorocarbons

Q2) In which form is glucose stored in our body?

Answer: Glycogen

Q3) What is the southernmost point of India?

Answer: Indira Point

Q4) India’s first monorail service has been started in which state?

Answer: Maharashtra

Q5) What is the real name of WWE Wrestler, ‘The Great Khali’?

Answer: Dalip Singh Rana

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 27th December

Q1) Who among the following started the newspaper “Sudharak”?

Answer: Gopal Ganesh Agarkar

Q2) What is the full form of LAN?

Answer: Local Area Network

Q3) Which city is going to host the Olympics 2024?

Answer: Paris

Q4) ‘UNESCO’ was founded in which of the following year?

Answer: 1945

Q5) What is the real name of Dilip Kumar?

Answer: Muhammed Yusuf Khan

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 26th December

Q1) Who coined the term ‘Big Bang’?

Answer: Fred Hoyle

Q2) In which state is the oldest dam of India built?

Answer: Tamil Naidu

Q3) Who wrote the book ‘Arthashastra’?

Answer: Kautilya

Q4) Which day is celebrated as ‘World Wetlands Day’?

Answer: 2nd February

Q5) ‘Chittaranjan Locomotive Works’ is located in which of the following states of India?

Answer: West Bengal

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 25th December

Q1) What is the maximum gap between two sessions of the Indian parliament?

Answer: 6 months

Q2) Who published the newspaper ‘Young India’?

Answer: M. K. Gandhi

Q3) Which is the longest beach in India?

Answer: Marina Beach

Q4) Which among the following is the official language of Union Territory of Lakshadweep?

Answer: Malayalam

Q5) Which of the following is the innermost layer of the Earth?

Answer: The Core

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 23rd December

Q1) Where is Satish Dhawan Space Center located?

Answer: Sriharikota

Q2) Which game is the National Sports of India?

Answer: Hockey

Q3) Who gave the slogan ‘Do or Die’ during India’s freedom struggle?

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

Q4) Who wrote the book ‘India wins Freedom?

Answer: Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad

Q5) Which day is celebrated as International Literacy Day?

Answer: 8th September

KBC Quiz Answers Today | 21st December

Q1) Who appoints the judges of a high court?

Answer: President

Q2) Which city is also known as the ‘Orange City’ in India?

Answer: Nagpur

Q3) Who defined the Law of Gravitation?

Answer: Newton

Q4) Who is the founder of Infosys?

Answer: Narayan Murthy

Q5) How to protect your passwords?

Answer: Keep a complex password

Answers For December 20

Q1) Lata Mangeshkar was awarded Bharat Ratna in which year?

Answer: 2001

Q2) What are the other names for the 180-degree longitude line?

Answer: International Date Line

Q3) Which country hosted the Commonwealth Games in 2022?

Answer: England

Q4) The coastal city Istanbul is located in which among the following countries?

Answer: Turkey

Q5) Which of the following country follows the model of a presidential form of government?

Answer: United States Of America

Answers For December 17

Q1) Nilambur Teak which has been granted Geographical Indication status, has its origin in the state of which of the following?

Answer: Kerala

Q2) Which one is the largest and highest plateau in the world?

Answer: Tibetan Plateau

Q3) Keep your financial information safe by?

Answer: Changing your passwords periodically

Q4) Who invented the telephone?

Answer: Alexander Graham Bell

Q5) Which pass connects Mumbai to Nashik?

Answer: Thal Ghat

Answers For December 16

Q1) Who founded the Brahmo Samaj in the year 1828?

Answer: Raja Ram Moha Roy

Q2) How many countries does ‘Grand Trunk Road’ pass through?

Answer: 4

Q3) Who was the first human being to step on the Moon’s surface?

Answer: Neil Armstrong

Q4) Which city is also known as the ‘Pink City’ of India?

Answer: Jaipur

Q5) For receiving a payment, you need to?

Answer: None of the above