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KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today 10th December 2021

SonyLiv KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today 10th December 2021, Hindi KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today 10th December which remains live for 24×7.

Kaun Banega Crorepati KBC offline quiz season 13 answers are given below. Play the quiz and get a chance to win cash. You can play KBC offline quiz in either Hindi or English. 

How To Play KBC Offline Quiz?

1) Download the Sony LIV app from Google Playstore.

(Google Playstore से Sony LIV ऐप डाउनलोड करें)

2) Open the app and Sign-in to the app.

(ऐप खोलें और ऐप में साइन-इन करें)

3) Now Scroll down, You will get the ‘KBC Play Along’ Quiz Banner.

(अब नीचे स्क्रॉल करें, आपको ‘केबीसी प्ले अलॉन्ग’ क्विज बैनर मिलेगा)

4) Click on it, Now you can change the language you want.

(उस पर क्लिक करें, अब आप अपनी मनचाही भाषा बदल सकते हैं)

5) Then you will get the ‘Play Along Regular’ Button, Click on it.

(फिर आपको ‘प्ले अलॉन्ग रेगुलर’ बटन मिलेगा, उस पर क्लिक करें)

6) Now click on the 24×7 Quiz Icon.

(अब 24×7 क्विज Icon पर क्लिक करें)

7) Play KBC Offline Quiz. Answers are given below.

(केबीसी ऑफलाइन क्विज खेलें। उत्तर नीचे दिए गए हैं)

KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today: 10th December 2021

KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today Hindi Sonyliv

(Refresh the page if you do not see the answers)

Q1) Who is known as ‘Lord of Ayurveda’?

Answer: Lord Dhanvantari

Q2) Who was the brother-in-law of the Indian emperor Harshavardhan?

Answer: Grahavarmana

Q3) Which of the following is a thin disk that is used to store data?

Answer: DVD

Q4) Leatherbacks and Ridleys are types of what?

Answer: Turtles

Q5) Which of the following is the writer of Kavyadarsha and Dasakumaracharita?

Answer: Dandin

Q6) In which of these hindi films, Akshay Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan have worked together?

Answer: Ek Rishtaa

Q7) Which among the following is the main crop of Madhya Pradesh?

Answer: Wheat

Q8) How many total squares are there on a chessboard?

Answer: 204

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Q9) Where does the Caesar salad originate from?

Answer: Mexico

Q10) In chess, who recently became the 21st Woman Grand Master from India?

Answer: Divya Deshmukh