Flipkart Plus Awareness Challenge Quiz Answers

Plus Awareness Challenge

Flipkart Plus Awareness Challenge Quiz Answers: Complete the new pop quiz and get free 4 super coins. This new challenge may be account specific.

Complete the tasks given for the Flipkart Plus Awareness challenge pop quiz and earn assured super coins for free. Flipkart launched ₹1 deals earlier, you can purchase with super coins.

Flipkart super coins is a unique reward program by Flipkart. You can earn free super coins by just playing the games or quizzes that are occasionally available during sales.

Challenges is a way to win rewards on Flipkart. You just need to complete certain tasks to win free super coins. That’s it.

Task1: Visit the Plus Zone

Task2: Participate in the pop quiz and earn extra SuperCoins

Complete the above two tasks and earn 4 super coins instantly for free.

Pop Quiz Answers

Q1) How many SuperCoins do Flipkart Plus members earn on every Rs.100 spent?

Answer: 4

Q2) Which statement below is true for Flipkart Plus Membership?

Ans: Plus is a Free membership & no Supercoins will be deducted

Q3) How many SuperCoins do you need to be eligible for the 12-month Flipkart Plus Membership?

Ans: 200

Q4) Which of the following is a Flipkart Plus membership benefit?

Ans: Exclusive discounts on select Flipkart products