Kya Bolti Public Quiz Answers Today

Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz Answers Today

Flipkart kya bolti public quiz answers for today 26 October 2021 season 4 episode 47 grocery: online ya offline quiz answers updated. Play the quiz and win free vouchers and super coins.

S4E47: Grocery: Online Ya Offline?

Q1: How do you shop for your grocery

Answer 1: (A) Online Shopping

Q2: Do you play along quiz shows that air on tv

Answer 2: (A) Yes

Q3: What do people like more

Answer 3: (B) Palak Paneer

S4E46: Landline: Yes Or No?

Q1: Are you super superstitious about a black cat croosing your path?

Answer 1: (A) No

Q2: What percent of people remove their shoes before entering their house?

Answer 2: (A) 60-70

Q3: Do you still have a landline phone?

Answer 3: (B) No

S4E45: Losing: Phone ya Keys?

Q1: What are you most likely to lose?

Answer 1: (B) Keys

Q2: What percent of people can read Devanagari script?

Answer 2: (B) 70-80

Q3: Should the government make sanitary pads free of cost?

Answer 3: (A) Yes

S4E44: Schools: Haan ya Na?

Q1: How many times do you brush your teeth?

Answer 1: Twice A Day

Q2: Should schools be fully opened for kids now?

Answer 2: Yes

Q3: Can Indians cook international dishes?

Answer 3: Yes

S4E43: Bachchan’s ya Kapoor’s?

Q1) What would you rather see?

Answer: Your Own Future

Q2) How do you prefer sleeping?

Answer: On your Back

Q3) Who would you rather go to dinner with?

Answer: The Kapoor’s

S4E42: Garden ya Balcony?

Q1: What percent of people buy ayurvedic medicine?

Answer 1: 40-50%

Q2: What is a must-have in your dream house?

Answer 2: Balcony With A View

Q3: What do people prefer to give as a wedding gift?

Answer 3: Cash

S4E41: Proposal: Taj ya Eiffel

Q1: Have you ever had a crush on your teacher?

Answer:  No

Q2: What percent of people can speak more than 3 languages?

Answer:  50-60%

Q3: Which would be your dream proposal place?

Answer:  Eiffel Tower

S4E40: Wedding: Grand ya Simple?

Q1: Which situation will embarrass you more

Answer 1:  Continuous Hiccups

Q2: What percent of people hate karela

Answer 2: 70-80%

Q3: What kind of wedding would you prefer having

Answer 3:  Big Fat Indian Wedding

S4E39: Athlete ya Cricketer?

Q1) Can you match your current signature with your first signature?

Answer: Yes

Q2) What would you rather be?

Answer: Cricketer

Q3) What percent of people prefer travelling solo?

Answer: 70% – 80%

S4E38: Kohli ya Dhoni?

Q1: Who is your favourite comedian?

Answer: Kapil Sharma

Q2: Who is your all time favourite Indian cricketer?

Answer: MS Dhoni

Q3: Are you satisfied with your current monthly salary?

Answer: No

S4E37:  Mountain ya Beaches?

Q1: Do people pass on their gift to others

Answer: Yes

Q2: What is more likely to make you laugh

Answer: Jokes

Q3: What percent of people would like to build a house in the mountains

Answer: 40-50%

S4E36: Horror Movies: Haan ya Nah?

Q1: Do people chew nails?

Answer 1:  Yes

Q2:Which kind of pizza do people prefer to eat?

Answer 2:  Margarita Pizza

Q3: What percent of people are not afraid to watch horror movies?

Answer 3: 70%-80%

S4E35: Bollywood ya Cricket?

Q1: What percent of people hate taking selfies?

Answer 1:  50-60%

Q2: Who do people find funnier?

Answer 2:  Zakir Khan

Q3: Is Cricket bigger than Bollywood in India?

Answer 3:  Yes

S4E34: Love ya Arrange Marriage

Q1: What percent of people like monsoon?

Answer 1:  60-70%

Q2: Who is a bigger star?

Answer 2: Kiara Adwani

Q3: What do people prefer?

Answer 3:  Love Marriage

S4E33: WFH: Yes ya No?

Q1: Do people prefer working from home

Answer: Yes

Q2: Where do people prefer watching shows

Answer:  TV

Q3: What percent of people fake their age

Answer:  70-80%

S4E32: Swimming ya Cycling

Q1) What exercise do people prefer?

Answer: Cycling

Q2) What percentage people fast for spiritual reasons?

Answer: 60% – 70%

Q3) Which store are you likely to enter?

Answer: All items Rs.500

S4E31: Sunrise ya Sunset?

Q1: Which one do people prefer

Answer 1: Sunrise

Q2: What percent of people believe that green tea can help you lose weight

Answer 2:  70-80%

Q3: Do people put their shopping plans on hold to shop at a sale

Answer 3: yes [Option 1] 

S4E30: Shopping Han Ya Nah..!

Q1: What does food taste better with

Answer 1:  Ghee

Q2: What percentage of people share their things with others

Answer 2:  70-80%

Q3: Have people already shopped from the big billion days sale

Answer 3:  Yes

S4E29: Shadi: Function ya Khana?

Q1: How many people attend weddings only for foods

Answer:  30-40%

Q2: If you were an entrepreneur what would be your business be

Answer:  Food

Q3: What would u prefer shopping more during the sale period

Answer:  Electronics

S4E28: Ghost: Fact Or Fiction?

Q1: How many people believe that ghosts exist?

Answer 1: 50-60%

Q2: What would you do if you had a superpower?

Answer 2:  Time Travel

Q3: Should your partner have your social media access?

Answer 3: Yes

S4E27: Work: Morning ya Night?

Q1: What time of the day do people like working early morning or late nights

Answer 1:  Late Night

Q2: Is spoken English necessary to get a job?

Answer 2: Yes

Q3: Who is the better digital content creator?

Answer 3: Prajacta Koli

S4E26: Sandals ya Shoes

Q1: What type of footwear do women prefer

Answer 1:  Shoes

Q2: How many people read terms and conditions while signing a document?

Answer 2: 70- 80%

Q3: Do you think Indian men still wear vests under their shirt

Answer 3: Yes

S4E25: Movies ya Serials

Q1) Which celebrity couple do people like more?

Answer: Ranveer – Deepika

Q2) What do people like watching more?

Answer: Movies

Q3) Do people try on clothes before they buy?

Answer: Yes

S4E24: Romance Ya Thriller?

Q1: Who do people prefer listening to during the monsoon season

Answer 1:  Arjit Singh

Q2: What is the strangest thing people have done during an online meeting

Answer 2:  Brushing Teeth

Q3: What genre of movie do people prefer watching on a date

Answer 3: Action And Thriller

S4E23: Jewellery: Gold Ya Diamond?

Q1: What do people prefer doing on Sunday

Answer 1: Sleeping

Q2: Do people prefer diamond or gold Jewellery ?

Answer 2:  Gold

Q3: Do people prefer listening to music while working

Answer 3:  No

S4E22: Selfie Ya Photograph?

Q1: Do people need one alarm or more than one to wake up?

Answer 1:  One Alarm

Q2: Which cousin siblings duo looks better

Answer 2: Parineeti- Priyanka

Q3: Do people prefers being clicked by others or take their selfies

Answer 3:  Taking Selfie

S4E21: News: TV ya Online?

Q1: Where do people prefer to watch the news?

Answer 1: News Channel

Q2: What percent of people still prefer to listen to the radio?

Answer 2: 50-60%

Q3: Where do youngsters learn cooking from?

Answer 3: Family