Coinmarketcap Tron Quiz Answers: Learn And Earn $20 TRX

Coinmarketcap Tron Quiz Answers

TRON is one of the fastest-growing public chains in the world and based on this crypto token, Coinmarketcap has created a new quiz for its users named Tron quiz.

Coinmarketcap learn and earn Tron will go live at 12:00 PM UTC on May 25. Topics and the lessons have already been updated on the Coinmarketcap website you can read them anytime from now.

To qualify for this event you need to give all answers correctly. For hints, you can always refer to the provided short lessons or short videos related to the topic.

Every user with correct answers will be rewarded with 306 TRX tokens worth approximately $20 in addition to 50 diamonds. And the qualified users’ selection will be random.

Total 4,596,784 TRX crypto coins worth $300,000 will be distributed. You can submit your quiz answers by 23rd June 2022. 

How To Learn & Earn $20 From Coinmarketcap?

1) Take the Coinmarketcap learn and earn Tron quiz from the link given here.

2) Start the quiz and enter your email id with which you have registered on Coinmarketcap.

3) Enter your Binance User ID. Go to Binance > Profile > Copy your User ID.

4) Submit the answers. Scroll down to get the correct Tron quiz answers.

5) Qualified users will receive 306 TRX coins worth $20 and 50 diamonds as a reward. 

Coinmarketcap TRX Quiz Answers

Recheck the answers before submitting the quiz, these answers are just for the reference purpose only

1. What are the features of the TRON network?

Answer: All of the above

2. What are the TRON-based stablecoins?


3. What is TRONSCAN?

Answer: TRON Blockchain Explorer

4. Justin Sun bought several NFT masterpieces and donated to where?

Answer: APENFT Foundation

5. TRON Foundation has been restructured as what?

Answer: TRON DAO