What Are Coinmarketcap Crust Network Quiz Answers?

Coinmarketcap Crust Network Quiz Answers

Coinmarketcap Crust Network Quiz Answers are given below scroll the page to see the answers. Even though I provide the answers, the whole point is to learn something new and earn free cryptos.

Before you start the Crust Network quiz you need to take the lessons so that you do not submit any quiz answers incorrectly. You have to score 100% to become eligible for rewards.

$5 to $25 CRU tokens will be rewarded to each eligible winner of this quiz. This is a limited-time campaign and for limited users only.

CRU Quiz Rewards

  • Total Rewards Pool is 1,150 CRU (Approximately worth $60,000).
  • Successful users receive 0.1 ~ 0.5 CRU (Approximately $5 ~ $25) as a reward and 50 diamonds additionally.
  • 0.1 CRU can be distributed randomly to 10,000 winners amongst all those that complete the quiz successfully before the campaign.
  • 0.5 CRU can be distributed randomly to 300 winners amongst all those that complete the quiz (Including the Bonus Question) successfully before the campaign.
  • The campaign starts from 12:00 PM UTC on 2021.09.02 and remain live till 2021.10.02.

Crust Network Quiz Answers

Questions ticked with stars * are compulsory and questions without stars can be skipped.

Question 1. Which storage layer protocol currently Crust provides an incentive layer for?

Answer: IPFS

Question 2. What technical framework is used to build the Crust public chain?

Answer: Polkadot Substrate framework

Question 3. What is the number of tokens generated when the Crust mainnet is launched?


Question 4. In the Crust incentive consensus mechanism, what does the staking limit of a node depend on?

Answer: Storage capacity

Question 5. In what year and month did Crust open its storage function?

Answer: February 2021

Question 6. Which application has used Crust storage to deploy Dapp?

Answer: Uniswap

Question 7. In which month and year will the Crust mainnet go live?

Answer: Sep 2021