CoinMarketCap Learn And Earn Only1 Quiz Answers

CoinMarketCap Only1 Quiz Answers

Coinmarketcap Only1 Quiz Answers: To earn $5 worth LIKE tokens one must have an account on Coinmarketcap as well must have a KYC-verified Binance account.

Currently, most of the learn-and-earn quizzes of Coinmarketcap are available for some countries only. To check eligible countries you can visit the learn and earn quiz FAQs page.

The Only1 quiz is not live yet, it will start on 23rd November at 11:00 AM UTC. You can any time submit the quiz answers by 22nd December 2022.

Total Like tokens worth $50,000 will be distributed under this campaign. The winners will be selected randomly and each will get $5 worth of LIKE tokens with diamonds.

Take Only1 Quiz And Earn $5 LIKE

1) Go to the Coinmarketcap learn and earn quiz page from the link given here.

2) Tap on the start button to start the CoinMarketCap Only1 learn and earn quiz.

3) Complete the captcha and then you need to agree to the terms and conditions.

4) Now enter your Coinmarketcap email address and your Binance user ID.

5) Select the Only1 quiz answers correctly and add Only1 token to the watchlist.

6) Done !! Lucky winners will get $5 worth LIKE tokens with 50 diamonds.

CoinMarketCap Only1 Quiz Answers

Q1) What problems is Only1 trying to solve?

Answer: All of the above

Q2) Only1 allows content creators to monetize directly by simply being active and engaging across various social platforms, what do we call this?

Answer: Create-to-earn

Q3) What features do Only1 offer?

Answer: All of the above

Q4) On Only1, each creator will have __ Genesis-NFT where they can associate perks with these NFTs. The owner will earn __ of the creator’s staking pool TVL.

Answer: 1, 1%

Q5) What factors affect the APY of a creator staking pool?

Answer: How active the creator is across social platforms

Q6) What is the name of our native token?

Answer: LIKE

Q7) For Premium Content-NFTs, users can pay a small ‘unlock fee’ in $LIKE, each unlocking fee will be split between __.

Answer: The creator, content NFT owner and Only1 platform

Q8) Initial NFT Offering (INO) is a new cryptocurrency crowdfunding innovation pioneered by Only1. What are the benefits of doing an INO?

Answer: All of the above

Q9) Only1’s INO: The ONES offered __ unique mints at the price of __.

Answer: 10,000 & 1 $SOL

Q10) What NFTs can users sell on Only1’s marketplace?

Answer: All of the above