Coindcx Dogecoin Quiz Answers: Earn INR 100 Worth $DOGE

Coindcx Dogecoin Quiz Answers

Coindcx Dogecoin Quiz Answers: Participate in the Coindcx learn & earn quiz competition and win free INR 100 worth $DOGE tokens. Everyone who has a Coindcx account can participate.

An incentive-based learning module aimed to better your awareness about the crypto space. Watch short videos, answer simple questions and get $DOGE worth INR 100! 

Dogecoin quiz is live, participate in it and stand a chance to win Rs. 100 worth of DOGE tokens for free. Get at least 3 out of 5 questions correctly to become eligible for the reward.

Coindcx Learn & Earn Doge Quiz Answers

Do recheck the answers before submitting, these answers are for reference purpose only

Q1) What is the consensus mechanism that Dogecoin works on?

Answer: Proof of Stake

Q2) What is the block time for Dogecoin?

Answer: 1 minute

Q3) How long did it take to create Dogecoin?

Answer: 2 hours

Q4) Can DOGE coin be transferred to peers?

Answer: Yes, but you need compatible wallets

Q5) Which organization ran the DOGE-1 mission?

Answer: SpaceX

Earn Free $DOGE Tokens Worth INR 100

1) If you already have a Coindcx account then you can directly take the quiz.

2) Visit this link and take learn and earn Coindcx Dogecoin quiz form.

3) Watch videos and submit the quiz answers along with your Coindcx email id.

4) Get at least 3 out of 5 answers correct to become eligible for $DOGE rewards.

5) 5000 winners will get the chance to win DOGE tokens worth INR 100.

6) Valid only till 11:59 PM on 20th June 2022.