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Coinbase USD Coin Quiz Answers

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Learn And Earn $4 USD Coin

1) You first have to sign up on Coinbase, and click on the link given below.

2) Now on the dashboard, click on the ‘for you’ tab, it is there on the left side of the panel.

3) Click on view al given at the right side of the panel.

4) Scroll down and click on the ‘start earning’ button.

5) Now scroll down to see all quizzes.

6) Take the quiz that is live and click on the start course button.

7) Complete the coinbase quiz to earn free cryptos.

Coinbase USD Coin Quiz Answers

1. Which is not a requirement for a strong password?

Answer: Memorable (easy to remember)

2. Which is not a form of 2-step verification?

Answer: Password

3. Which of the following should you never share?

Answer: Your seed phrase

4. Which checks should you perform periodically to keep your account secure?

Answer: Check devices with access to your account