Coinbase Shping Quiz Answers: Learn And Earn Assured $3

Coinbase SHPING Quiz Answers: Participate in the Coinbase learn and earn new quiz campaign and earn assured crypto tokens worth $3.

To participate, you must have an account on Coinbase. If you do not have one then I recommend you create one from the below-given registration/signup link.

To avail of Coinbase quiz rewards, you need to watch some short videos, answer the questions based on crypto videos, and get assured $3 worth of Shping tokens for free.

Quiz questions will be easy if you learn through the provided short lessons and videos. Rewards are available only for some countries, so check whether you are eligible or not. 

Shping is a shopping companion app that aims to upgrade the shopping experience for brands and customers using blockchain technology and the quiz is basically based on this topic.

The quiz will be available for a limited time, so do not miss this chance to earn $3. For reference, you can check out the Shping quiz answers that are given below.

What is Shping?

In the year 2017 Shping was founded to connect and bridge the gap between shoppers and online brands and their businesses.

They came up with an idea to revolutionize the way how brands can grow and how shoppers buy products online by spending less and earning more rewards.

They completely changed the shopping experience and the way customers buy online with direct interaction with the brands and how brands manage their business with their customers. 

With their creative idea, they filled the missing gap with the help of their app ecosystem. Brands can reward their customers and in return, they can increase and maintain shoppers’ engagement on their apps.

By using its ecosystem, brands can boost their profits without compromising on customer satisfaction. which is an important factor for becoming an evergrowing successful brand.

In simple words how its ecosystem works is that all marketing cost involved in the process of retaining and maintaining customers for the brand is paid by themselves and they get converted to Shping coins. These coins are rewarded to customers for their engagements on the app.

A few of their technology partners are Everledger, Amazon web services, Ethereum, scandit, etc. You can buy Shping coin on coinbase and also it is currently trading on major crypto exchanges.

How To Take The Coinbase SHPING Quiz?

1. Signup or login to your Coinbase account from the link given below.

2. Take the Coinbase Shping quiz from the learn earn reward page. and earn assured tokens worth $3.

3. Quiz rewards include $3 worth SHPING crypto tokens to every eligible user.

4. Rewards are limited while supplies last and amounts offered for each quiz may vary.

5. You can participate and earn only once per Coinbase learn and earn quiz. 

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Coinbase SHPING Quiz Answers

Q1) How can brands interact with consumers using Shping?

Answer: Brands can reward consumers for engagement

Q2) SHPING rewards are indexed against which stablecoin?

Answer: USDT

Q3) After soft-launching in Australia, how many users has the Shping app grown to?

Answer: Over 300,000 users