Learn And Earn $3 From Coinbase 00 Token Quiz

Coinbase 00 Token Quiz Answers

Coinbase 00 Token Quiz Answers: Hello guys! Coinbase had added a new quiz named ’00 Token’ quiz that can give you assured 3 dollars worth of crypto coins for free.

Zerozero is the ERC-20 utility token of the P00ls platform and ecosystem, it supports the distribution and trading of social tokens. 00 tokens are used to govern the zero-zero DAO and access premium P00ls features.

Quiz questions will be based on the same topic so to get all correct quiz answers you can take all the provided short lessons as well as videos regarding 00 token.

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Steps To Earn $3 From This Quiz

1. Go to the learn and earn section there you will get all listed quizzes.

2. Take the Coinbase 00 token quiz and earn assured $3.

3. Rewards are limited while supplies last and applicable on a first come first serve basis.

4. You can participate and earn only once per Coinbase learn and earn quiz. 

5. Coinbase learn and quiz rewards are not available in all countries.

Coinbase 00 Token Quiz Answers

Question 1) What is P00LS?


A. A social token platform for fans, artists, creators, and brands

B. An NFT marketplace for artists

C. An e-sports platform for player tokens

D. A decentralized finance protocol

Answer: A 

Question 2) What is the 00 token?


A. The official token of the zerozero ecosystem

B. A virtual pass to all your favorite concerts

C. A social token for Evan Mock

D. A cryptocurrency made by a famous artist

Answer: A

Question 3) How does P00LS connect fans with creators?


A. Giving social token holders their phone number

B. Giving social token holders signed merchandise

C. Inviting social token holders to exclusive events

D. Hosting meet-and-greets just for social token holders

Answer: A