Coinbase Learn And Earn Sandbox Quiz Answers | Earn $3

Coinbase Sandbox Quiz Answers

Participate in the new learn and earn campaign and give Coinbase Sandbox Quiz Answers correctly and get assured SAND tokens worth approx $3 free. 

The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain. $SAND is the main utility token that serves as the basis for transactions.

You can enjoy its wide universe with many other players, and you can also get rewards from it. So basically the questions will be related to the Sandbox and its native token.

Basically, every learn and earn quiz conducted by Coinbase consist of three video lessons with questions. After you complete the quiz crypto tokens will be credited instantly.

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The Sandbox Token

Sand is a utility token and with the help of sand tokens, users can buy and sell land and assets on the sandbox metaverse. 

Sandbox is a leading project in the domain of decentralized gaming.

In the virtual world of sandbox met averse you can play games and buy virtual assets like land, characters, and weapons by using sandbox coins, and these virtual assets can be sold for high profits on its platform.

Metaverse itself is a big sector in the field of cryptocurrency and a sandbox coin has many use cases in Metaverse.

It a blockchain-based gaming ecosystem, NFT marketplace, and online games development tools are developed for game developers.

Land purchased on metaverse can be monetized through hosting events for users and building user experience services.

A lot of big brands and banks have purchased land on the sandbox metaverse.

Some of the sandbox partners are Adidas, atari, south china morning post, and snoop Dogg.

sandbox token price can be easily tracked on coinmarketcap or coingecko.

Earn $3 From SAND Quiz

1. To earn from the quiz you must have a KYC-verified Coinbase account.

2. Watch short video lessons and submit the correct quiz answers.

3. $3 GRT will be credited after the successful completion of the quiz.

Coinbase SAND Quiz Answers

1. What is The Sandbox?

Answer: (A) A blockchain-based play and earn ecosystem

2. What is SAND?

Answer: (A) The core payments and rewards token for The Sandbox ecosystem

3. Which of the following is not an element of The Sandbox vision for the future?

Answer: (A) Building the leading NFT marketplace