Coinbase Learn And Earn Near Protocol Quiz Answers

Coinbase Near Protocol Quiz Answers

Coinbase Near Protocol quiz answers with questions are given below. This will give you an assured $3 worth of NEAR crypto tokens instantly in your Coinbase wallet.

Previously I have updated Coinbase learn and earn answers of the Chain quiz and Sandbox quiz and I hope you have earned assured $3 XCN and $3 SAND from these respective quizzes.

Before taking this quiz, make sure you have an account on Coinbase which is KYC verified. The quiz is live and you can take it till token supplies last.

Quiz questions along with the answers are given later in the post. You can refer them to get all answers correctly and earn NEAR tokens worth $3 for free. Don’t miss!

About Near Ecosystem

Near token is quite famous in the crypto domain it comes under the top 50 coins. The token is mostly traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Coindcx, WazirX, etc.

The coin has huge potential to grow in the future compared to any other coin.

It has played a key role in the creation of the Web 3.0 revolution, Decentralized, and Metaverse creations, (DAOs) Decentralized autonomous organizations.

Near protocol is layer one protocol. In the beginning, during protocol formation, they started developing AI technologies because they kept in mind that in Decentralize system there is no central regulatory authority. To protect and save it Ecosystem from getting hacked and prevent dangerous manipulation done by hackers.

This protocol proved that its unique features and technologies are the most advanced Development ever made in the Blockchain sector and will play a major key role and will last for coming years.

main features of the protocol are the rainbow bridge which has unique features and Nightshade sharding. the protocol is cheap, fast, and secure.

It is backed by big investors like the coinbase ventures portfolio, three arrows capital portfolio, etc.

Learn And Earn $3 NEAR From Coinbase Earn

1) Tap on the link given below and signup or login to your Coinbase account.

2) Go to the learn and earn section. You will get all listed quizzes under this section.

3) Tap on the earn option for the Coinbase Near Protocol quiz that is live.

4) There will be 3 short video lessons and for after each video you will get one quiz question.

5) Take the quiz questions accordingly and earn $3 worth NEAR after completing it.

Note: Coinbase learn and earn quiz rewards are available for only some countries.

Coinbase Near Protocol Quiz Answers

Q1. What is NEAR?

Answer: A simple, fast, secure, and climate neutral blockchain

Q2. What can the NEAR token be used for?

Answer: To interact with apps and participate in governance on NEAR

Q3. What format does NEAR use for wallet addresses?

Answer: Natural language like “dave. near”