Coinbase Graph Quiz Answers | Earn Free $2 GRT

Coinbase Earn Graph Quiz

Coinbase is one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms and it regularly gives learn and earn opportunities to its users. Refer to Coinbase Graph quiz answers and earn $3 GRT.

In fact, Coinbase is the only one that gives assured crypto tokens free after successfully completing the quiz by giving correct answers while other gives on first come first serve, or random basis.

Learn and earn Coinbase quiz is available in some countries and not throughout the world and therefore only eligible countries get a chance to earn free crypto tokens.

About Graph Network Ecosystem

You can easily buy graph tokens on all major exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Kucoin, FTX, etc. The four pillars of the Graph Ecosystem are Indexer, Curator, Delegator, and Consumer.

Indexers are like node operators or you can say validators and their job is to verify and index the data on the graph network.

Curators are those who submit the data and in return, they are all rewarded. Delegators are those who stake their tokens and make networks stronger.

Consumers (developers) are those who do queries on the network by paying a certain fee like we find some information on Google.

Queries are mainly done by blockchain developers to access API and pay fees.

The important thing to note is, the fees that have been paid by consumers (developers) for search queries on the network is distributed among indexer, curators, and delegators, and some certain portion of the fee gets burned.

Due to the high circulating supply, token value is a kind of inflation in nature. The graph is backed by investors like ParaFi Capital, Coinbase ventures, Tally capitals, Collider, etc.

Graph supports the following network on the Graph Network and the hosted services: Polygon, BNB, Ethereum, Avalanche, Harmony, etc and many more.

Participate In Graph Quiz & Earn $2 GRT

1st Step: Create your account on Coinbase or else if you have account then login.

2nd Step: Go to learn and earn section, there you will get all live quizzes.

3rd Step: Take the Graph quiz to earn assured $2 GRT crypto tokens.

Which Of The Below Is Not A Quality Of Web3 Protocols?

A. Unlimited free cloud storage for photos

B. Development of trustless, decentralized applications

C. Open, transparent, and fair coordination at scale

D. Implementation of programmable money and decentralized governance

Answer: Option A