Coinbase Learn And Earn $3 IoTeX Quiz Answers

Coinbase IOTX Quiz Answers

Earn free crypto $3 IoTeX tokens from the IoTeX quiz. Coinbase IOTX quiz answers are given below scroll the page to see them. Learn something new and free crypto as a reward.

Do not mark any answers incorrect otherwise you will not get $3 IOTX. Also learn about it through videos and lessons thoroughly so that you score full marks.

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What is IoTeX?

IOT basically means the internet of things. smart devices like smart watches, Alexa, and the smart bulb can be connected All smart devices can be connected through the Internet of Things but there is high of users privacy leak.

Right now if we command Alexa to switch on/off the smart bulb. it will do this job simply because they are both connected through the internet and here privacy comes into the picture to tackle the privacy issue which is connected through a central database, central authority and all the user’s data will run through the internet so their is a big risk of user privacy. 

To secure user privacy and safeguard their data internet of trusted things (IoTeX) project was launched.

Because in IoTeX, everything are connected through a trusted blockchain that’s why it has a major data privacy advantage.

The IoTeX platform has Launchpad for upcoming blockchain ideas and projects developed for its community.

And another important development is its blockchain-based real-world devices.

Ucam is the world’s first blockchain-based security camera. you can control this camera using the internet through the secured blockchain network.

Next is the pebble device it has many features like tracking motion, location, light, climate, and cellular IoT.

How To Earn $3 IoTeX Token?

1) You first have to sign up on Coinbase, click on the link given below.

2) Now on  the dashboard, click on the “For You” tab, it is there on the left side of the panel.

3) Click on View All given at the right side of the panel.

4) Scroll down and click on the “Start Earning” button.

5) Now scroll down to see all quizzes. Take the quiz that is live and click on the start course button.

6) Complete the Coinbase Quiz to earn free cryptos.

Coinbase IOTX Quiz Answers

Q1) About how many smart devices are active today?

Answer: 35 billion

Q2) How can you earn crypto with IoTeX?

Answer: Generating data with smart devices

Q3) What devices does IoTeX offer for sale?

Answer: UCam security camera and Pebble data tracker