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Tezos Quiz Answers Binance

Binance Tezos quiz answers are given later in this post. A new quiz on the blockchain is live on the Binance exchange, take it now and get assured XTZ tokens.

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Tezos is a blockchain built to support and run decentralized applications and smart contracts. Basically, it is a proof of stake blockchain.

Binance Tezos (XTZ) Quiz Answers

Question 1) What is Tezos’ native coin?

Answer: tez (xtz)

Question 2) How does Tezos increase security in the network?

Answer: By being deeply decentralized

Question 3) What are some of the types of decentralized applications built on the Tezos blockchain?

Answer: All are correct

Question 4) What are some use cases of Tezos’ native coin?

Answer: Voting rights & Becoming a validator

Question 5) Who can participate in securing the network?

Answer: Users who delegate their Tez (XTZ) tokens to bakers & Validators called bakers 

Question 6) What is the consensus mechanism model used by Tezos called?

Answer: Liquid Proof of Stake

Question 7) Which of the following are true?

Answer: Tezos’ unique self-amending protocol prevents hard forks & Tezos’ code is open-source code 

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