Binance Qtum Quiz Answers: Learn & Earn $Qtum

Binance Qtum Quiz Answers

Binance Qtum Quiz Answers: Take the new Binance learn & earn Qtum quiz which will go live on 7th September 2022, 09:00 AM UTC, and earn assured $Qtum tokens.

Earn up to $7 by taking all the Binance new learn & earn quizzes like Bittorrent, Livepeer, Mantra, XRP Ledger, Lisk, Band Protocol, PAX Gold, Kyber Network, Frontier, Thorchain, etc.

All Binance KYC-verified users can begin to read the articles, watch the videos anytime from now, and complete quizzes from 7th September, 09:00 AM (UTC) while token supplies last!

Eligible users will stand a chance to receive a predetermined amount of $Qtum, or tokens from other projects, depending on the course or quiz they complete, first come first served.

Binance learn and earn Qtum quiz answers will be updated here once the quiz goes live. Create your Binance account if you don’t have one, do KYC verification, and be ready for the quiz.

Binance Learn & Earn Qtum Quiz

Quiz NameBinance Learn & Earn Qtum Quiz
Quiz Date & Time7th September 2022, 09:00 AM (UTC)
Quiz is AboutQtum $Qtum Token
Quiz TypeLearn & Earn
RewardsAssured $Qtum Token
Winners SelectionFirst Come, First Served!
Binance Quiz LinkVisit Here

How To Take Binance Learn & Earn Qtum Quiz?

1) Tap on the link given below and signup or login to your Binance account.

2) Must complete your KYC verification which is mandatory for collecting rewards.

3) Go to Binance Learn & Earn Quiz page from the Binance app dashboard or visit here.

4) Binance Learn & Earn Qtum Quiz will go live on 7th Septeber 2022, 09:00 AM (UTC).

5) Take the quiz once it goes live and earn assured $Qtum token rewards.

Binance Learn & Earn Qtum Quiz Answers

Do your research and recheck the answers before submitting it. These answers are for reference purposes only

Q1. You can purchase QTUM on binance by:

Answer: All of the above

Q2. Holding QTUM allows you to vote on proposal. True or false?

Answer: True

Q3. When did the QTUM mainnet launch?

Answer: September 2017

Q4. Block rewards are split betweet:

Answer: Ten Super Staker

Q5. QTUM holders can delegate their UTXOS behind Staker Stakers through

Answer: Offline staking

Q6. Qtum’s account abstaction layer ia designed to:

Answer: Combine UTXO accounting with smart contract contract

Q7. When delegate QTUM behind a super Staker, a user must:

Answer: Provide their wallet address to a super Staker

Q8. QTUM Combines

Answer: UTXO Accounting, Smart Contract Capabilities